Living & Learning from the Constant Anxiety we experience with Ruben Alvarez #101

Living & Learning from the Constant Anxiety we experience with Ruben Alvarez #101

Growing up in a single parent home, with no bedroom to call his own, Ruben intrinsic desire was to do more and become more. Through learning & going on his own journey of finding his voice, Ruben has become self aware enough to know what he needs to do. In addition he knows what he wants too. This is a fascinating story of a guy who has never let his struggles, or anxieties define him or his potential. Eager to grow through what he is going through he continues to strive to ensure he leaves it all out there and reaches the success he has so clear in his mind.

It was my pleasure getting to know Ruben on this more so as I was encouraged by his willingness to not sell himself, or share this narrative that he had it all figured out. He is just like any of us, the listeners, the guests, myself who are just learning as we go along the journey. It is this authenticity that warms me towards me and encourages you all to follow him on his journey.

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Key timestamps:

[04:00] Why Ruben does what he does?

[16:50] Rubens vulnerability during lockdown

[22:10] The things we lack, we often want more

[27:10] Rubens biggest fear

[35:00] Rubens message to listeners and his younger self

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