Living with bipolar disorder & changing the way we look at Mens mental health #103

Living with bipolar disorder & changing the way we look at Mens mental health #103

“My only regret in life was not talking” by Dean

Dean is an open book and one whos story gives hopes, encouragement and strength to anyone battling with mental health. As it is mental health awareness week, it was important to get this episode out today. Dean battles with bi polar disorder on a daily basis and is consistently working on being kind to himself and encouraging others to speak more about what is going on in their lives. A full transparent individual who shares not only his struggles but also his processes to help give tangible takeaways and steps to lift yourself out of the darker days that we all experience.

A personal trainer, a father, an ex army veteran and a friend, Dean is not just someone with bi polar. He is much more than that, just as you are all much more than your job titles, or the tags that people put on you. Be more, become more and learn about yourself as we go through this find your voice journey to truly become a better version and master or at least control your mental and physical well being to the best of your ability.

I urge you all to follow Deans story, not just because it is mental health awareness week, but also because his story is authentic and powerful and full of tangible insights (such as the 4 steps of resilience) to coping with our daily battles much better.

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Key timestamps:

[04:15] PTSD Diagnosis & Dean wanting to commit suicide

[10:00] Deans perspective on gratitude

[13:05] Deans morning routine

[22:00] Bi polar disorder – Who is Dean?

[31:10] 4 steps of resilience

[40:00] We all have a choice

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