Over delivering as a coach

Over delivering as a coach

Towards the end of 2018 I was able to take the wife on an incredible SPA relaxation day, with body massages with all expenses paid for.

This was a 'thank you' gift I received from a client of mine I had coaching. This was a different experience because he was a high level footballer who was naturally fit but struggled with some mental barriers I helped him broke down during our time together.

As a footballer, his physical and technical attributes were always evident from the start, and despite making great progress in his physical appearance and overall strength, agility, speed the biggest breakthroughs came through his mind. We developed, confidence, resilience and a mindset of what it truly takes to tap into a David Goggins like type mentality.

Unfortunately, our timetables clashed, and I was unable to continue working with them into 2019 but the value I was able to provide was enough for them to surprise me with this incredible gift!

This give me an opportunity to reflect back at what I had achieved and to actually jot down my own learning lessons. From my engagement with this one particular client I learnt the following:

1. Always over deliver. Always give 100%. They deserve it and so do you. You should always seek to reach your potential and see how far you can grow as a person, coach or mentor and in return your client or customer will benefit massively.
2. It got me over the fear of increasing my prices each year.  Remember If your good make sure price reflects this. So often I used to discourage my time and prices at the fear of people not being able to afford it. I also guess there was an element in my earlier years of whether I was good enough and my confidence in myself. But in the space of 8 years my price has gone up by 4 x and if I lived in a more affluent geographical area, it'd have gone up more.
3. I’m always grateful to have had some positive impact on someone’s life, both mentality and physically too.
4. No matter where you start, or how far you’ve come there is always scope to go further forward. I learn just as much with clients as they learn and take from me.
5. Spa days rock & I now need to go more often – or throw this hint to more of my clients – just kidding ! But it is important in whatever line of work you do, that you take time to relax and enjoy the finer things in life.

Remember everyone is human so don’t feel inferior or place someone on a pedestal.

I was guilty of doing this for time, but between us all we all have our own skills or superpowers as I call them we can help others with!

Now with that in mind go smash your day and be a better you just like my client does daily (even without me!)

Have an awesome day and #JustDeuIt

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