Overcoming Your Childhood Trauma #67

Overcoming Your Childhood Trauma #67

“I’m Still Here” by Mike McBride #67

Mike is an infectious human being who shares his vulnerabilities and story to the world, to not only escape his own thoughts and release but to help other people. Mike has recognised through him sharing his story and finding his voice, post surviving child abuse. A sincere man, with a purpose to let people know they aren’t alone and that there are ways of overcoming trauma as a child, or any abuse we may suffer.

He also discusses some incredible points around, intentional living and how this would enhance the happiness and fulfilment for all of us. Amongst this, we discuss the need to do the work on ourselves with specialists when trauma is the problem. The healing, the overcoming of shame and coming out the other side is necessary but it requires work. Real, hard work that sometimes we may want to avoid or shy away from. But only until we feel the wound can we heal the wound, as the great Robin Sharma quotes.

An absolute pleasure to have Mike on the show and I thank him for his transparency and words.

Key timestamps:

[05:00] Mike sharing his child abuse story through blogging

[08:25] Child abuse is NOT your fault.

[09:40] Why me?

[16:28] Living Intentionally

[22:22] Dissociating yourself from abuse

[28:45] Fun part of the show

[33:55] The Story of Dunkirk – “All we did was survive”

Key Quotes by Mike:

“We do the things we want to do, and don’t do the things we don’t want to do” [Intentional Living]

“It’s not your fault’ [On being abused]

‘These people were going to hurt someone. They were broken, they were damaged and they were looking for someone to hurt…And I just happened to be in the space when it happened” [On being abused]

I urge you all to please follow Mike and support his amazing journey.

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