Pain or Pleasure

Pain or Pleasure

It is always pain or pleasure that will likely explain why we do what we do.

On a macro level we make the majority of our decisions in relation too above. Whether it is subconsciously or consciously we always make decisions that will either move us towards a level of pleasure or away from pain.

The rationale is of how short-lived the pleasure or pain is rarely gets a second look, and we almost go into auto pilot mode.

An example could be eating that slice of cake. Eating the cake will then cause you physical and psychological discomfort when you feel guilty. If your like me it will then lead you to force yourself into a rigorous gym session for 60 minutes the following day. Or at least that's how I use to be.

If you had perhaps evaluated or understood your initial decision of opting for that moment of pleasure in spite of the pain that would have inevitably had followed, maybe you would have chosen differently?



However, from experience understanding this concept and decision-making process can help you massively.  Simple acknowledgement and awareness can shift future decisions massively.

Mastering this is where I believe the true levels of happiness, fulfilment and achievements lie.

Now I am not stating that being truly aware of your decisions, rationale and emotions is easy. If we truly knew why we did what we did, we would probably have more logical control and find ourselves sabotaging our goals far less often. Would we continue to make 'poorer' choices? Probably not, or at least we would have reduced them significantly.

So this really then comes down to, having a sense of self awareness. You see I go weeks and sometimes months snapping all sorts of wonderful and crazy foods on my Instagram for a few reasons:

1. To prove that you can IF you know what you are doing eat whatever you like.
2. I have a sustainable diet that I don't need to chop and change every summer/winter. I can adhere to it all year long and still achieve my goals.

You see my food snaps show foods many people associate with fat bellies and poor cardio vascular fitness so it’s understandable when I get 100s of messages saying:

“Your lucky you have a fast metabolism.” or " You must have good genes" etc

Now even if this was remotely true, which it’s not- does your explanation of my current situation change your own situation?

Will you be judged on your ability and effort versus my metabolism? Hell no, so why are you?

Now what people also forget, or purposely choose to ignore is:
- I train extremely hard.
- I've run during peak training months 15-25 miles a week
- I train 6/7 times a week alongside this
- I have done this for 8 years straight with no longer than 2 weeks off, from the gym.

To add to this, I count my calories for about 350 days of the year.

So the secret here isn’t my metabolism or anything else that negates your lack of progress.
It is down to the key components I teach all my clients:

Sustainability + Consistency + Hard work + Enjoyment = Results

You see you can always avoid pain by rationalising why you can't do something, or why others can do it. But it will never get you the pleasure you are truly seeking.

You can also opt for short term pleasure, knowing that deep down it will cause long term pain.

The choice is in your hands, it does not lie in my metabolism, it does not lie in your excuses, it lies in your willingness to take action.

There is a reason that I ask my clients during initial consultations questions around their mindset and exercise habits..

It all starts between your ears, aka your mind. Developing the discipline in the gym enables you to have many transferable skills you can move into any facet of your life. It is the growth and confidence from this, that can give you a tremendous amount of pleasure, if of course you are willing to endure the pain!

Have an awesome day!


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