Panic attacks, Narcissism, Gaslighting & NLP explained by Nick Davies #76

Panic attacks, Narcissism, Gaslighting & NLP explained by Nick Davies #76

“Blast Your Past” by Nick Davies #76

Nick Davies joins us on Find Your Voice to discuss; Panic attacks, Narcissism, Gaslighting, NLP & much more in this amazing episode.

An episode that I wanted to bring all you amazing listeners to really you take control of your lives. Nick Davies shares his 2 incredible protocols to help manage stress, overwhelm and anxiety within 5-10 minutes. These two protocols are called: The Lima Protocol and also the Tapping Protocol.

The Lima and Tapping Protocol are put onto a separate video for you all to gain access too:

Alongside this, we also discuss narcissist people and their cognitive blind spots, dissonance and the way they can harm people in society. Furthermore, the use of NLP to manipulate people is also discussed with Nick explaining certain things you should all be aware off.

But this is, just some of the amazing takeaways in this episode, as Nick also shares his work ethic, passion and tells a wonderful story of persistence and graft. An authentic individual, who overcame panic attacks, a stab wound to the heart and being dead for almost 25 minutes!

Miracles do happen, and with some of these techniques you wouldn’t be far off thinking they are miracles too. As an anxious person myself, the use of these techniques have massively helped me personally, so I felt it my duty to share it with yourselves.

Some Key Time stamps:

Key timestamps:

[04:40] Nicks introduction to NLP in 1996

[07:00] The difference between Anxiety & Panic attacks

[07:55] Being stabbed in the heart

[11:40] The LIMA Protocol – To help you with your anxiety (available on separate YouTube Video}

[17:40] The Tapping Protocol – To help you with stress, frustration or lower mood (available on separate YouTube Video}

[23:45] NLP being used the wrong way

[36:00] Nick analysing my own body language

[43:30] Narcissist Traits explored – They think their right

[49:30] A Powerful Lesson of Perseverance & Hard work

Key Quotes by Nick:

On anxiety:

“Anxiety, is a fear of the future. A future based emotion”

“If you got anxiety, this is a precursor to panic”

On why Affirmations won’t work:

Affirmations do not work, unless your in the alpha state”

“Your brain won’t accept suggestions unless your in that alpha state”

On narcissists

“A narcissistic type of person, has to have an outrageous type of personality. When you analyse them, these people are very insecure”

“Whether there a murderer, burglar or narcissist, they don’t know their that person. What they think their doing, they think their right.”

“Cognitive blind spots are things where your unaware that your doing bad things”

On everyone moving forward:

“Trust yourself”

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