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Episode Summaries

Episode #1 How blindness knocked me down but gave me a vision 

Happiness is available to us all, if we choose to seek it, see it and experience it as Kev explains in his story...

Find your voice - Episode 1 - Blind, Drunk a Lions tale by Kev Dillon

Kev Dillon is a man of the people, who refuses to be average. Suffering with meningitis Kev suffered with blindness and his whole world was rocked upside down. His dream of being a boxer was shattered and he turned to a dark place in his life.

Determined to never let this get to him however, Kev fought back, in true boxing style and jabbed and hooked his way to where he is today.

He is a head boxing coach of Lions Boxing Club ABC in Brierly Hill, UK but more importantly than that he is all round genuinely lovable guy.

Alongside this he is a father, a husband, a son and a friend and who would have thought a POET!

Kev blindness has taught him more than many of us can imagine, forced to understand his limitations he refused to let them control him or stop him achieving his true desire, to help others.

His mindset is unbreakable having been at rock bottom and the most beautiful thing about this story is, his journey is just beginning.

He has a vision of a better future where people, no longer doubt themselves, hurt each other and see the beauty in the world.

Kev's outro states:

"Take care of yourselves and more importantly of each other. May your god bless you and if you don’t believe in god, believe in yourself because someone who doesn't believe in anything, will always be lost" - Kev Dillon


Episode #2 How to deal with grief

Are you struggling with the death of a loved one? Find out how Jin handled the death of family members, his battle with alcohol and how his mindset has now led him to a life of freedom through property.

Find your voice - Episode 2 - The Wake Up Call by Jin Atwal

Jins life screams adversity. The loss of his uncle, father and sister within such a short space of time caused his life to spiral out of control. The word death links closely to Jin's life as does the word alcohol abuse. A stigma perhaps in the punjabi, asian community Jin refused to let this be his story. he wanted more.

Determined to succeed and not let his circumstances dictate his future he woke up and took control of his life and started writing his own story. Now in the process of writing his own book, “The Wake up call” Jin is now looking to inspire others and help them cope with the grief he has suffered.

Alongside this he has a mission to help children and ensure they struggle with less hardship in their lives!

If you think that’s not enough his also a successful property investor with many more talents..

"When you lose somebody, it's always there. It never goes away." - Jin Atwal


Episode #3 From being homeless to speaking on stage 

A life of drug abuse, sleeping rough, but mastering your mindset Theo tells a story of how his visualisation of a better future has brought him just that...

Find your voice - Episode 3 - The Art Of Connecting With Ourselves by Theodore Treveil

Theodore Treveil also known as Theo, knows what it is like to hit rock bottom. He has had a life of so much adversity and hardship that rather than killing him, it has only made him so much stronger. Determined to find his voice and show the world he was more than his current circumstances he often lay there visualing.

"Visualise, visualise, visualise" - Theo

From sleeping on the streets of Victoria Station to ridding himself of his drug addiction Theo has now taken a stand and truly connected with himself. In doing this his passion now is to touch as many lives as possible, with a 50,000 target next year. Titans Mastermind is his movement and is about becoming a Titan of your own life!

Let me assure you, this is one guy whos story you want to follow, as it has only just begun...

"Our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings influences our actions" - Theodore Treveil


Episode #4 From World Championship Kickboxing to physical paralysis 

Physical trauma is only half the story. The tragic death of 2 close friends, struggling financially Josh tells us why he is the luckiest man he knows.

Find your voice - Episode 4 - F*ck it by Joshua Asquith

Joshua Asquith, is a genuinely loveable guy. He was a talented athlete destined to do great things, which he did. A World title in New York for kickboxing, semi professional football, acting in Macbeth to modelling he had the world at his feet.

Until the death of his two close friends suddenly rocked his world. He then got hit with Quinsy illness along with more health complications. But with a mindset of a true champion, my UK Rock (a nickname I give him) has found a way to control what he can control.

His mindset. He adopts a F*ck it mentality but the most beautiful thing about his story is, he sees himself as “ The luckiest man in the world”.

I urge you to follow his story and watch this space as he comes out of his comfort zone to prove that physical or mental challenges should never stop you from being average or giving up.


Episode #5 Drugs, Cartels and Finding God 

Being born again, having served drug lords Ashley tells the story of how he now serves God and how his life has done a 360!

Find your voice - Episode 5 - Look up by Ashley Nixon #5

Tagline: “So you sort of look at the victories of the past, and you rely on them for victories in the future"

Ashley Nixon grew up with rage, that would spiral his life into turmoil. Drug abuse, prison, fighting both in and out of the ring, dealing with well known drug cartels and gangs he often found himself living a life destined for jail or death. Fortunately it was the former and through his time in prison, Ashley had a realisation towards a better life. His purpose almost became apparent and with hard work, the right mindset and devoting himself to a larger cause Ashley is now on his path to serving others and making a massive difference in the world.

His genuine personality, of wanting to serve and now his love for himself having been accepted by the lord, as he puts it, has given him a new life. Born again, is how he describes it and shows that anyone, despite their past mistakes or actions can truly turn their life around.


Episode #6 Burned as a child, Homeless by 13 and Inspiring the Youth today! 

Life will hit you with adversity, which often isn't your fault. You cant always control your circumstances but you can control your reactions...

Find your voice - Episode 6 - Stay strong by Hezron Brown #6

Tagline: "The impact I was making & seeing was unreal. To see their face and actually light up and think Hope!"

Hezron Brown, has been in the papers for his incredible story. As a child he was tragically burned in hot water which has left him scarred for life. His life then continued to spiral into a life of drugs and crime.

Somewhere along his journey however the idea of belonging and hope kicked in. Hezron self belief, which he accustoms his now success too is a key factor in him finding his true purpose. Hezron is now inspiring the youth who need to hear the message and realise that there is hope for them irrespective of the cards they have been dealt as kids.

There is more to a life of death or jail.

There are more opportunities if we remain committed to succeed rather than just having a slight interest.

It's a remarkable story of seeing some change, something I was always skeptical about.


Episode #7 Child Abduction 

Think Child Think Safe.  Having encountered a horrific experience Mus made it his life's mission  to protect children from adult abduction.

Find your voice - Episode 7 - The Way I Changed The World - Mus Jones Yafai

Tagline:  "They are willing to do this, no matter the circumstances, no matter  the time of the day, no matter who you are, they are willing to take  your child, no matter what!"


Mus  Jones Yafai is a wonderful human being who needs your support in  raising awareness for his wonderful cause, Child Safe. Having  experienced a child abduction attempt on his younger child Mus has made  it his life's purpose to ensure the public are aware of all the ways  possible to safe guard their children and other peoples children from abducters.

With shocking statistics, it is the first time in  my life I felt scared for anyone with children, for my younger siblings,  for my own family members. I felt somewhat oblivious to all that was  going on, only to really be woken up by this.

I urge you all,  to listen to this episode or at the very least follow Mus over on his  social media outlets and help support this amazing cause to better  safeguard the children of our future generations.

P.s. it is not everyday you hug a grown bodybuilder the first time you see them!

Episode #8 - Memoirs of an Anxious Mind 

Tagline: "To HIM it's just a game, playing with my mind. An easy target for HIM, he always seems to find. He always seems to be there to put me in my place, lurking and scheming like a puff of smoke up in my face..."

Find your voice - Episode 8 - Memoirs of an Anxious Mind - Cos Kyriacou

Cos is a talented Poet who has found his voice by utilising the power poetry in speaking about his depression and anxiety. Riddled with many trials and tribulations growing up Cos has battled with suicidal thoughts from time to time.

Now determined to conquer his mindset working on his health, thoughts and gifts he is looking to help those struggling with mental health illness more.

Alongside this, Cos is also a qualified Accountant and Personal Trainer and this is just some of his hidden talents. He kindly shares one of his poems, HIM, in this podcast and I am sure once you hear this you will follow him over on his instagram channel to learn more about him and hear so many more powerful poems.