Refurbishment guide 2018

Refurbishment guide 2018

Refurbishments eh!? As easy as homes under the hammer!?
Experience tells me not quite.
If you are struggling to assess the costs of a PROPERTY REFURB use these as a general rule of THUMB:
Please note that southern prices will exceed these and up north they may be cheaper.
But use this as a baseline for 2/3 bedroom houses the largest COSTS will come from the following:

Electric rewire: £2,500 to £3,250
New boiler: £700 to £1000
Kitchen: £2,500 to 4,000
Bathroom: £1,250 to £2,500
New gas supply: £2,000
Whole new gas central heating: £3,000
Damp: £500 to £2,000
Replacing windows and doors: up to £2,750
Dry rot: £1,000
Japanese knotweed: £1,500 to £2,000
If these problems aren’t present upon inspection you will save yourself a fair BIT and if you can negotiate a good price your on your way!

For further assistance please get in touch!

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