Sexuality, Happiness and being true to yourself #13

Sexuality, Happiness and being true to yourself #13

Title: Sexuality, happiness and being true to yourself #13

Tagline “I dont want it to define me. I don’t think anyone should let it define them in life. I don’t want it to be oh yeah Nick Hall who’s gay” …

Find your voice – Episode 13

Nick Hall, is a successful individual who has had a very colourful career which has seen him start and sell businesses whilst finding his own true happiness.

Overcoming and understanding himself growing up, Nick talks about his sexuality and how he embraced that and found true happiness in his life.

A fascinating individual, who sees the world in a unique and great way! A keen eye for property too, Nick has also made his own homes under the hammer renovations along with helping me personally in my own property ventures.

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welcome to an episode of find your voice


a movement led by yours truly


Aren do a guy who has overcome


crippling anxiety adversity and


difficulty like so many of you in life


whose main goal now is to help you


combat your excuses take control of your


life write your own story and most


importantly find your voice so now


without further ado I welcome the host


of the show himself mr. Aren do the


host of this show so I am extremely


excited to bring my guest onto the show


today because it’s somebody who’s going


to be sharing a very very sensitive


subject and it’s a subject that’s going


to relate to many people out there


whether you’re experiencing it yourself


or whether it’s one of your friends or


family now the beautiful thing is not


just the story and the person behind the


story who is a fascinating character and


doing incredible things in the world


and really kind of found his own voice I


suppose it’s how actually met him now I


am a firm believer in trying to find


positives in every situation that you’re


in because it’s so easy to often


exaggerate the problems and the


obstacles that were going through and


I’d say in my career as a property


investor my probably most stressful 2 or


3 months was when I met this individual


and the only silver lining I had within


those two or three months was my


relationship with this individual now




managed to help me sell my nightmare


house and he did it with brilliant


customer service to the point that we


actually built a rapport and Nick


reached out recently and we kind of had


conversations back and forth and I just


thought his story is fantastic it’s also


different to any of the other stories


that we’ve had on this show so hopefully


you guys resonate with it


I am confident you’re gonna find he’s


honesty and he’s courage commendable so


I’m gonna leave it there and we’re gonna


jump straight into this episode I find


your voice okay so I’d just like to


welcome Nick to the show today so thank


you Nick for coming on


and sharing your story how are you doing


today I’m great


thanks for having me Irene it’s an


absolute honor to echo and support you


with this


you’re very welcome thank you as well so


I think it’s important before we start


to obviously give the listeners a little


bit of insight in relation to who dig


hole is so if you wouldn’t mind if you


could just kind of give the listeners


and myself actually a little bit about


yourself how you progress through life


and kind of ended up where you are today


yeah of course


so when terms of who I am what I do so


background I suppose starting from sort


of where I grew up so I’ve grown up in


sort of a relatively middle-class


environment in a in a village so to say


on the edge of stoke-on-trent so just


into the stuffs Moreland’s


m and most recently I’m working in


telecoms that are do some bits of


business on the side so I’ll go back and


talk to you about what I’ve done in


detail to get me from there to where I


am today so the sort of environment that


I grew up in I would say is very


traditional so here you you standard


Church of England school the lads play


football and the girls play netball and


I I didn’t do either of those so I


didn’t fit in but I didn’t conform to


their to the norm so to say and then


after school and I came out with


relatively I would say a ver Ajay mean I


passed all my subjects at GCSE level


grade C or above progressed onto to


college straight after school and then


absolutely hated it again just didn’t


feel like I fitted in so I took a year


out and when it did some hard work for


you and worked in a supermarket and quit


and then produce Department lumbering


sacks of potatoes around and I actually


talking about the value of the pound




actually worked with money in the real


world so quite quickly realized that I


wanted to go


to education and from there went in


study Business Studies a level and then


went on to university em that didn’t


actually move away when I went to


university state local at staffs


probably didn’t have the confidence to


to go and live outside of the area and


then after University I got offered I


did the Graduate scheme and I was still


working for Maury supermarkets at the


time I did their grad scheme and got


offered a role at their HQ in Bradford


and didn’t go for it cuz he didn’t pay


enough money basically and then I got


offered a job locally working for


phones4u which is owned by their John


Caldwell though I’m sure everyone in


business net was a billionaire now went


into work for this organization and


there was something just magical about


the culture I went in as a trainee


salesperson and they they taught me


everything I know about sales and I’ve


sort of progressed through telecoms in


the sales environment done various roles


sales management head of sales


got extremely stressed doing the head of


sales were all under 30 and decided that


I wanted to take a bit of a step back


and then I’m now working in one of the


biggest telecom providers in the UK and


I’m doing a less less senior role buddy


it sort of gives me the flexibility to


do stuff outside I could work as well


and I suppose that’s coming on to what I


also do as well and outside of work I’m


I’m really passionate about property


stems from probably the first house that


I bought where the position that I was


in was the idea I was forced it didn’t


have the money to to buy a decent


property so out to buy something that


was rundown and they’ve got the Bob bug


for sort of development renovation from


their doing I’ve done various properties


now to the point where I am where am I


live in and in a in a relatively decent


house they want a big


probably doing about 5 refurbishments


and renovations that have enabled me to


live in the property that I live in now


on a bill up a nice little equity part


as well last year for the last year or


two I had an estate agents business as


well I started up on the side and the


aim with that was to to hopefully get


out of than the nine-to-five job that


I’m doing and again learned a massive


lesson from that because I realized how


hard you actually have to work to where


to win in your own business absolutely


yeah and to be honest it wasn’t easy and


it wasn’t going to be easy and I wasn’t


gonna become a millionaire any time soon


or even overnight or any time in the


next few years from that so I had an


opportunity to sell the business which


it did do at the end of last year and


have come become career focused again


this year I’m not going to say it’s


gonna be a real long term strategy but


I’ve just taken on a new role that gives


me something to really get my teeth into


and then the property thing they’ll


always bubble along the side and


personal that’s interesting because then


it was actually property where where you


and I actually met and I could tell your


sales experience obviously came in


because you were able to sell what I


consider my nightmare house which I


couldn’t get rid of and and you sold it


pretty quickly because mate that has


caused me more stress than anything and


in relation to your renovations as well


for anyone that’s on Facebook I’ve seen


some of your your renovations your


kitchens especially and then they look


absolutely fab so you’ve obviously got a


knack for it there something I wish I


had when I first started renovating


myself and I just want to touch on


something so you said you always kind of


never thought you could be fitted in and


you mentioned the whole zero typical


boys play football the girls play


netball and then later on you touch the


game that you didn’t have the confidence


to perhaps maybe move out of your


university is there a particular reason


in relation to that or was it just like


anxiety I mean what was


what was that feeling where you’re


saying you didn’t feel you fitted in


because I’m pretty sure there’s people


listening to this now you might have had


that same situation yeah I mean looking


back now I was because I’m gay and I


obviously always knew that there was


something different about me but I


wasn’t him


experienced mature I suppose they’re the


best way he’s supportive and I wasn’t


experienced or mature enough to


understand what that meant for me so I


always do that I mean don’t get me wrong


I don’t have not gone through life being


an outcast or anything like what I have


those environments always just sort of


felt like I didn’t feel like a hundred


percent you know why okay just felt


different I supposed yeah mmm okay


that’s interesting I mean if you


wouldn’t mind if I just asked a little


bit about that yeah cause I’m certain


there’s thousands of people out there


who probably won’t be the same situation


when you’re thinking why am i feeling


different to perhaps what people would


consider the general consensus what


advice would you give to somebody like


that I mean was it something that you


were able to kind of come out with


straight away or is it something that


you kind of held in there I think you


are and don’t get me wrong I do even in


from our generation to today I do


believe times have changed a little bit


but there’s always a stereotype of which


you are forced to live by or expected to


live by I won’t say forced I’ll say


expected to live by yeah and I think


that mentality comes to the front even


more sevens in sort of small village


environment something in the area that I


grew up in it was a case of as I said


the boys play football the girls play


netball and this kind of if you didn’t


do either you a bit weird you are or


you’re not conforming to the norm so I


think if I’m if there’s anybody who’s in


that position and you feel like you


don’t fit in it’s a bit cliche but don’t


be afraid to be different because


some people are born to stand out and


you need to sort of you need to


recognize that and stand up to it and do


the things that give you the confidence


to do that I love that I think I think


you just hit great note there don’t be


afraid to be different because even for


myself from my experience you grow up


always trying to fit in it’s kind of


like because you want to be part of the


maybe the popular gang were just where


it’s safe I suppose because nobody wants


to get bullied everyone wants to have


relationships yeah I find myself now as


an adult trying almost not to fit in in


terms of bringing my own authenticity to


the marketplace to my branding and


everything else so it’s just funny how


the world works and I think I’m not sure


if you I can you mentioned like at that


age your intelligence as a child and


stuff is probably different when you


grow up and you realize what’s actually


important here and the most important


thing for me and I’m sure you probably


agree to some extent is how we view


ourselves I think that’s the most


important thing yeah 100% and that age


you don’t want to be picked out of the


crowd and at the point that we a minute


live in life now it’s almost that we


don’t necessarily want to stand out but


I feel myself that it’s good to be


different and to have your own personal


brand and to be true to yourself who you


are then that that gives you a sense of




I suppose is the best way to put it I


think I think you’re right maybe it


gives you authentically as well in the


world where everyone’s trying to but


this persona of who they are or the day


that they live in somebody who’s just


refreshingly themselves every single day


whether it’s good bad or whatever it is


I just find that I just find that nice


and I think the world would benefit more


from people just not trying to put a


mask on because I don’t know about you


but I find it hard enough just trying to


manage my own life rather than trying to


be somebody else for the public it’s


it’s just an energy drain so no I


appreciate that can I just ask one more


question on that if you wouldn’t mind


yeah yeah so you’ve come from a small


village now I’m using my stereotypical


background as well so I’m I’m Indian and


we come from a community where everyone


knows everyone’s business so when you do


something that it


doesn’t gold with the norm so for


example if I use myself I got married


out of religion now I’m not a religious


person and anyone that knows me knows I


don’t really follow religion so when I


did that it was it was a massive massive


thing again it was difficult I had


sleepless nights before and again it was


more about what are people going to


think and what is going to bring to my


family did you ever experience any sort


of controversy or adversity in relation


to you perhaps coming out or was your


family and your community very


supportive of yourself yeah I think the


worst part by far is the fear of coming


out than the actual coming out itself


yeah because for me I didn’t really have


to come out I didn’t have to stand on a


platform and announce it and I didn’t


feel that that was the right way for me


to do it anyway that just it that didn’t


happen for me it happened naturally okay


I came to a point in my life where I was


comfortable 100% comfortable with who I


am and I had the confidence to be myself


and what that meant was it some people


knew to be honest and and some people


didn’t know I lost friends over it


people just stopped talking to me I


think and it genuinely sat here today it


doesn’t hurt me one bit because I know


that it was just meant to be yeah


absolutely and again I just want to


implore anyone who is listening who may


be going through a situation whether it


is about this sexuality or whether it is


about anything else whether you consider


yourself different to really kind of I


suppose Jesus said than done as an adult


but really try and overcome that fear


because you touched on something that


the fear of it is actually worse than


the actual experience itself and I’ve


had to overcome and do things that I’ve


always been afraid of prior to the


actual decision and a bit like what you


just said there’s as soon as you make


that decision it’s actually not as bad


as you’d initially thought so I would


always tell people if they can you know


maybe adopt a mount


robbins approach which is kind of like


she counts backwards from five four


three two one and then all of a sudden


beam whatever’s in


that she wants to say she says it I


think life’s too short for us to kind of


live in fear of judgment and other


things I’m not sure if you agree with


that 100% and I think the in terms of


the people out there who might be


feeling like I genuinely would be happy


to speak to anyone who who feels that


they’re in that situation and and talked


to them about my experience in more


detail if it helps them sort of progress


towards where they want to be I’ll be


more than happy to do that that’s




I’m sure they’ll appreciate that and


obviously at the end of the show we’ll


put all your show notes and how they can


contact you so prepare yourself mate


hopefully if the episode goes well


you’re gonna get an influence of the


direct messages but no I think somebody


who’s been through something that


they’ll just be able to give so much


better advice rather than just picking


up a book or reading a post online so


thank you for your handout yeah and it


is difficult because if you’re in a


position where you are afraid of of


admitting something to the outside world


then some people will challenge you on


it sometimes and they will offer to talk


to you about it you’ve got to be ready


to talk yourself so if ever if ever


somebody needs that yeah then I’d be


more than happy to do that thank you


thank you Nick brilliant okay so I want


to just switch the conversation just


ever so slightly in relation to your


work and stuff so you’ve you’ve mastered


homes under the hammer a lot better than


I have and you’ve got yourself some


sales experience you’re now in the new


role which you’re thriving off I’m just


curious to know and I’m always


fascinated by people who are doing


different things or people who I


consider successful and I’ve considered


success as a sort of you doing what you


want to do for yourself and it’s


basically you’re making your own


decisions in terms of moving forward and


progressing on a daily basis so if you


could just kind of give us a day in the


life of Nicole from say for instance the


moment you wake up if you’ve got any


particular habits or traits that you


think maybe could help other people if


they wanted to kind of replicate your


success up until now


yeah I mean I definitely don’t consider


myself hugely successful and it’s an


honour for you to even put me in that




just quite normal to be honest okay but


I mean I’m definitely an early riser I’m


somebody who likes to get up early I


love to see the Sun Rise morning and not


so much in the summer when it’s really


rising it hot this time of year when the


sun’s rising and just before 7:00 a.m.


it’s nice to just get up and go and sit


in my kitchen and I’ve got some great


views and we catch the Sun eise’s and


just sit and have a cup of coffee and


just reflect at that time in the morning


and whether it be just catching up on


the news doing some banking at any sort


of admin that’s gonna give me a great


spot today I really do enjoy sort of


having that foundation to the day to be


honest after that point I feel like I


should be exercising and I’m moved house


last August and I’ve moved probably


about 20 miles away from where you used


to live and I’m in a village which is


pretty much in the middle of nowhere


right the nearest gym is 14 miles away


so I’m struggling to find that


motivation to exercise at the moment


because I’m not near a gym I never can


actually go out and go and walk and run


and things like Apple with the with the


winter as it’s been not the opportunity


to do that so a key thing for me that I


want to focus on in this year it is


exercise and fitting that back into my


routine because that would be great to


do that at that point and then in terms


of moving on from there I mean I


generally just would move into what is a


pretty normal working day to my day is


made up of meetings pretty much all over


the UK because to work for a


multinational business and I might be


working from home or I could be in


Edinburgh or London so I can have a day


that starts at 5:00 a.m. oh I’ve got to


go and catch a flight or train or I can


have a nice relaxed day where I’m


getting offered sort of the time that I


said and then sitting in just a night or


five from the kitchen table if it is


that I’m not actually working then


ideally for me every traveling okay a


lot of miles and the continent in the


turbulent yeah yeah yeah job yeah do you


listen to any audio balls or podcasts or


anything like that always it just


literally music on the road I’m a visual


person so for me I rather than I mean


I’ve I’ve always tried to read and I


just find it so difficult to put my not


put my time to sit and absorb a book so


I’m visual so for me I’m a documentary


sort of person okay I’ve watched


probably every documentary going on


Netflix on every topic possible so I


would if there’s something that I’m


interested in I find it far easier to


watch a documentary on it rather than to


read a book on it okay that’s


interesting I can’t read myself to be


honest I use audio book for everything


similar to yourself


ie well I used to be on the road a lot


so for me it was kind of an opportunity


I supposed to kind of kill two birds


with one stone I’d always listen to


audiobooks I do need to get on the


Netflix documentaries I heard there’s


some fascinating ones but I just wanna


quickly touch on something there so


you’ve got some traits there so the


whole reflection and the early rising


that’s quite common amongst people who


are trying to do more in life there is


one thing I want to do a little


shameless plug on is the exercise bit so


I’m a massive massive advocate that we


should always prioritize our health


before everything and when I say how if


I don’t just mean your physical house I


mean your mental health as well but yeah


you’ve said something there and this is


just my advice as a friend is the gym is


far away well mate if you go on my


youtube channel I have some videos which


will tell you how to work out from the


comfort of your own home so I want to


see you doing those I’m gonna see you in


star jumps in your next post yeah and as


I said make that a hundred percent is a


target of mine for 2019 and the mean


talking about mindset as well I find


setting personal towards a great way to


motivate myself I mean when I set up the


business that said at the beginning the


year target for me this years to set up


a business alongside work and estate


agents evolved from and then this this


is my target for this year to get back


to fitness again fantastic just in


relation to the business one have you


ever set up a business before or is that


you you set yourself a target and a boom


you just went out and figured it out yes


and literally do the estate agent are


set up from scratch I just came up with


the concept the Brandon sat down with a


graphic designer who bought it all to


lie for me but I came up with a concept


that was completely unique and then you


in the UK no other estate agent in the


country was doing it and that was for


the client to be able to choose the


estate agent board that sits outside the


property the color of it yeah and and


that was extremely successful and it was


a huge USP for the business and in a


market that is so saturated yeah exactly


saturated it was a USP and something


that stood me above the competition it


was something that had started online


started out the spare bedroom at my old


property and and grew it to a position


that it was a business that could be


sold on that’s fascinating to me because


you’re you’ll meet many people and if


people just sit here today and think


about the times in the last seven days


but somebody’s told them about a


business idea or they want to do this or


they want to become this and then


actually see whether they go and follow


that through it’s very very slim that


those people do it so for me obviously


business my staff now I find it very


very difficult there’s a lot there’s a


lot of cogs to it and I think you


touched on it earlier that in terms of


making the same money that you’re making


you notified there’s a hell of a lot


more hard work involved so for you to be


able to do that on this side one it kind


of I always think if people have got an


excuse they haven’t because if they


listen to you now you know you’re


working full-time and you set yourself


up a successful business which I just


find that really inspiring and would you


have any tips for anyone is it just


literally google it because I would say


google it everything’s on Google get out


there Network speak to people is that


kind of your best approach yeah a


hundred percent I mean definitely I


agree that everything’s on Google now


you’ve just gotta go out I mean for me


there was something inside me telling me


that I needed to do to do something to


fulfill me over and above what I was


getting from my nine till five at the


time so I I am quite a visual person as


I’ve said so I sat and you my maps I was


like what are the potential ideas for a


business that the it could give me what


I want so I came up with the sort of


events business came up with the estate


agents I came up with a recruitment


business and everything just brought me


back to a state agency because of the


passion that I’ve got on the side


property property so from there I just I


went and so what I wanted to do is


understand what do you need to do to set


up a successful estate agent so the


first thing is I needed to get qualified


as an estate agent so I had to go and do


the qualifications alongside work set


myself up as a director of a limited


company and and just brought to life the


the concept that had come up with him


surround yourself with a successful team


and for me that was having a really good


graphic designer


bring all the concepts to life and then


the subcontractors who work for the


business as well so I was pride in


myself on photography particularly so I


went out and I found I found the best


photographer in the local area had to


pay more to do that but when there was a


buzz created about the business the


photography was one of the things that


people were talking about fantastic


that’s brilliant I think there’s a


blueprint they obviously for people who


may have something inside them which


makes them want to maybe go out there


and do a business and you just touched


on a point which is something that I


always tell everyone is surround


yourself with a successful team because


you can’t do anything alone in this


world especially if you’re trying to get


rid of your 9 to 5 so I always try and


do that I always try and I know it’s a


cliche but I was try and surround myself


with people who are cleverer than me you


have done more than me because that way


it kind of forces me to grow it keeps me


accountable as well and at the same time


I’m learning as opposed to you kind of


be in the cleverest in the room a


hundred percent and the thing the thing


is it massively surround yourself by


people who motivate you to better the


position that you’re in and just just


one point on what you were saying about


the successful team is having the


ability or the experience to to


recognize that team and to be able to


select the team as well because it’s


easy to go out there


and for example get a photographer but


without understanding their background


in their experience and where they’ve


been successful it’s difficult to know


whether to bring them into your team or




I think trades people is a perfect


example and what we experienced with you


on the property that I was like yeah


there’s so many Cowboys out there and so


many people who are not performing as


they should do I think I think they’re


all just kind of playing the small game


and so for me it’s if I was a tradesman


and this is just my trail of thought is


if I’m gonna work with someone if worst


case scenario that the projects going a


little bit tits up which they sometimes


do and it could be of through no fault


of anybody’s I would still try and


continue to over-deliver because then


you’ve got more chance of repeat


business and what I tend to see is


people will happily exploit people for a


quick dollar that that month or that


week just to kind of maybe pay for their


bills and so they can go drinking on the


weekend and then all of a sudden


somebody’s losing out there whether it’s


repeat business or whether it’s the


customer or something and yeah and that


reputation so building a reputation


again is another key element of it


because if you go out and and you rip


someone off on day one you’re never


gonna get to day 100 absolutely great


just like that not actually just be from


a shift gears a little bit I have


finally managed to find a good build and


a good trades team and I’m actually what


I’ve actually done is similar to you


don’t let go of him may I haven’t so


what I did is I set up a business and I


became business partners with him


because I was like listen I need to keep


you here one because I trust you in your


works fantastic you can do this side of


it what I do is I use my whole branding


and my project management experience to


kind of get the clients in so we kind of


work hand in hand but mate I’ve had to


get so many bad frogs but yeah I’m not


gonna let go now and in property that


that’s the perfect mix it’s great for


somebody like yourself who’s got a huge


amount of experience and in marketing to


partner up with somebody who’s got the


skills in the experience on the


technical side of it absolutely together


you’ve created that perfect team


absolutely I’m grateful now for where


I’m I suppose I’m so grateful for all


the lessons because if I hadn’t have


gone through what I did I wouldn’t be


where I am today at the same time I


wouldn’t even be speaking to yourself so


you know


everything happens for a reason I’m a


firm believer of that exactly I mean if


I hadn’t done what I’d done on the side


and you had done what you’re doing we


would never have cross paths absolutely


made so I’m grateful for all my


experiences it’s obvious now then so


you’ve had a very colorful life we lines


ups and downs and you’ve done quite a


bit actually a little bit like myself I


always think I’ve managed to cram so


much in so quickly so yeah you could


tell us of a recent adversity that


you’ve been through and then what’s your


approach when you’re up against an


obstacle how do you deal with it what


lessons have you learned from it yes so


in terms of adversity we’ve definitely


already taught sunny during this


conversation and and for me it is the


fact that I’m gay and that was a huge


point for me in my life and it’s it’s


the most amount of adversity I’ve ever


faced and I’ll say that hands down and


so it’s never easy for me to talk about


this but I genuinely believe that my


life didn’t start to come together until


I admitted to myself who I really was


and after that point I found the friends


they were feel comfortable around and I


found a partner I progressed financially


and that for me was was the point in


life so now I’ve got over that I don’t


feel as though there’s any adversity or


if I do come across adversity it just


doesn’t feel it doesn’t feel like you’ve


kind of been treated I suppose the


biggest challenge of your life yeah


quinta percent of me exchanged when I


looked back because it’s like looking


back at a different pace and then it was


some money I was trying to be someone


who I wasn’t at the end of the day and


so I take responsibility for that but


genuinely I think that society does play


a part and that as well absolutely as


I’ve said we’re supposed to act in a


certain way we’re supposed to be a


certain type of person and I was made to


feel that being gay was wrong and it


made me feel like


of a person to be honest and it and


that’s what drove me to not want to be


that person it’s so sad isn’t it how


society and I think it is it is a


society problem that we can discriminate


or prejudiced against certain types of


people or people who are different to


ourselves and make them feel so bad


because although you get groups and you


get cliques and stuff nobody’s really


looking at the individual that you’re


segregating and what the effect is


having to them and this is kind of


something I learned in my um when I went


back to study social workers and masters


because my four of my siblings come from


the care system I sin then be


discriminated against in terms of


they’ve come into our family we’ve tried


to put them in extracurricular


activities we tried to take it to


football games and stuff and when one’s


got autism and then one’s got learning


difficulties and one is a displaying the


level of intelligence that person should


display at that age according to the


school curriculum it’s it’s sad to see


them just get put to the side or brushed


off and it’s it’s something I don’t


think the solution for right now but I


think if you can create more awareness


just just for people just to have a bit


of compassion I suppose for hope for


people and just think listen everyone’s


trying to do the best that they can in


whatever moment they’re they’re in and


nobody wants to feel like an outcast


normally wants to feel different we’re


all we’ve all got unique abilities


within ourselves and we’re all all got


our own gift and I just wish the world


could just be a bit more sympathetic


towards each other to be honest 100


percent and I think talking about it is


is awareness in itself and I mean that


is something that I could carry with me


and let affect me mentally I just don’t


I consider myself to be a strong person


mentally and I just choose to not let it


impact the rest of my life it’s


something that happened and it’s


something that will not affect me for


the future and I think choose to make it


a part of your strengths because what


you what you’re going to do even just by


sharing the story which I’m very


grateful for you doing you’re gonna


inspire and give other people the


courage that listen it’s okay it’s okay


in general I mean like Nick’s doing fine


now there’s millions


other people doing fine now and it’s not


as bad as you probably think it is at


this at this point in time so yeah I


mean I I don’t want it to define me in


life and I don’t think anyone should let


it define them in life I want my life to


be defined by either a successful career


or a successful business I don’t want it


to be oh yeah Nick Hall who’s gay I want


it to be he’s a great businessman or a


great person and I mean I would judge


you it’s just myself just under I’m the


character in the person that you are


similar to myself I I don’t want to be


judged as a particular thing it doesn’t


define you that’s that’s that’s probably


the right way of me yeah exactly thank


you so you’ve obviously then overcame


your biggest fear now and we’ve spoken


about you coming out and realizing that


you were gay and you you that’s


something now you’re you’re very


comfortable with other than that what


would be your next biggest fear and it


could be anything it could be spiders it


could be snakes for what else kind of


scares you right now yeah something that


genuinely scares me is not being


financially secure later in life I think


that our generation are in a strange


position financially I mean our parents


generally have or will retire on


probably final salary pensions with a


decent state pension at a relatively


young age in terms of retirement to say


young innovative compiz our generation


we’re going to need to work until were


70 we’re going to have very very small


pensions in comparison that worries me


because I don’t want to work until I’m


70 for a start and I don’t want to live


on a hundred pounds a week so it’s


something that scares me massively


but I use it to motivate me because for


me I want financial security because I


want to enjoy my life effectively that’s


it yeah fair answer I think I think we


all need to need to be mindful of what


we’re doing for the future which is one


of the reasons actually that I got into




to create that kind of wealth in the


future so everything I’ve done at least


in my first few years a property was


called wealth creation so I thought for


a rainy day I’ve got a portfolio of


properties that will keep me ticking


over and now obviously now I’m trying to


work on the whole cash flow element in


order to kind of live the life that


myself and my wife want to live so I


think that’s a good point and you


actually just answered my next question


I was gonna ask you which was about


motivation and I’m always eager to see


what keeps people more of a motivation


for me it’s kind of like I see it like a


hit of caffeine I think you have some


caffeine you’re on a high for a bit and


then all of a sudden you can use it so


if we just alter that very slightly what


kind of drives you maybe a little bit


deeper like you what inspires you what


makes you do the things that you do on


the days but you don’t feel like doing


them I think weekends or a good example


I mean it’s easy to say what gets you


out of bed from Monday to Friday it’s a


paycheck what gets me out of bed on a


weekend for me at the moment what’s


getting me out of bed at the weekend is


working on this property that I’m


currently living in so I’ve got a list


of jobs as long as my arm there if I


don’t get up on a Saturday morning and


do them then they’re not going to happen


or I’m gonna have to pay trades people


to come in and do them so I’m enjoying


doing a bit of painting at weekends at


the moment obviously the motivation and


that is that that’s going to invest in


this property and eventually will


increase its value so it’s probably


financially motivated that’s fantastic


yeah great answer mate okay so there


we’ve heard it the buzzer has just gone


off and we are now at the front part of


this show and this is a part where I put


Nick through his paces and I ask him as


many random questions as I can fit in


over the next 60 seconds so Nick are you


ready I think so you’ll be fine mate


okay we’re going to start in three two


one what is your favorite documentary


and at the moment the fire documentary


that I’ve just what


or Netflix about the fire festival


whatever one what did you regret this I


haven’t eaten any breakfast yup the


ability to fly it or be invisible fly


definitely money or fame money your


biggest achievement today living in the


house that I live in after starting off


and asleep on to internment 2touchpos


your favorite food


chorong net picture youtube in that


place your number one goal this year to


get fit again favorite TV show ever can


I say film yeah but I’m gonna say film


and one that I watched for the day lion


would you rather know how you were died


or where you were going when definitely


love or money


well books or movies movie you could sit


with one person in the world for an hour


who would it be


Donald Trump what is this what is your


biggest addiction sugar your favorite


place in the world Vegas and finally if


you could have polished one thing in the


world what would it be terrorism


fantastic how did you find that


yeah good in relation to the fire one I


just find that so fascinating the way


the guy was the ultimate blogger the


thing is though is he could very easily


and pulled that off and he would you


know that case that he is that’s so true


that’s so true


ok so we’re almost at the end this show


we just got a couple of more questions


left my next one’s on reflection and we


all know hindsight’s a wonderful thing


it teaches us so many things ie how we


can get to places quicker easier or less


heartache at the same time I’m also a


very very firm believer that the journey


teaches us so much and I’ve got a real


belief that everything happens for a


reason so what I want to know is if you


could go back in time to that one moment


where you really struggled and suffered


with adversity and just be able to


whisper something in your ear knowing


what you know now with all the lessons


life has taught you what would you tell


yourself we talked about quite a bit in


during the show and that’s the fact that


I’m gaining obviously have been for a


long time so it would be a case of me


going back to the old me so today it


just did some reassurance until we even


almost give him a glimpse into the


future that utterly no one cares


probably do care


but no one really gives a shit no one


worthwhile kiss yeah mmm I love done


mate thank you thanks for sharing that


and suddenly we are now at the last


question and the last question are


always like to ask my guess is if in 150


years time science fails to save us all


and all that is left is a book and that


book is a book about Nick and it’s about


everything that Nick’s done or the


fascinating wonderful things I want to


know is in this book what would firstly


the title be and secondly what would be


summary at the back tell us about


yourself I suppose a great title would


be how to be true to yourself and the


blurb would be about discovering the


things that make you happy in life and


what makes you tick and and and living


those in in your daily life okay good


stuff so just before I close the show


what I want to do is give you a chance


to let the audience know where they can


reach you or where they can contact you


and obviously then that will give the


audience a chance to really maybe


connect with you whether it’s in


relation to property or you as a person


or your business or sales or whatever is


really and hopefully if they’re resonate


with it maybe you can potentially help


them in some way so what’s the best


place is that people can find you I


would say Instagram is the best place to


get in touch with me because it’s so


interactive so my Instagram account is


at Nick Hall underscore underscore but


I’ll let you put it on absolutely I’ll


put in the show notes as well yeah and


Facebook LinkedIn any of those or hey


I’m on LinkedIn as well


welcome to connect with me that’s more


geared towards my 9 to 5 but of course


welcome to get in touch with me on that


okay and then Facebook and I keep pretty


private to be honest so if not at the


moment I’ve just got a family in front


on that that’s fine that’s fine not a


problem that’s brilliant I just want to


say once again Nick thank you so much


for your time


for you to share this story as well I’m


sure it’s gonna help many many people


it’s certainly given me more insight


about yourself as well I mean we’ve


known each other for a while now and are


you a lot more so I just wanna say thank


you to yourself and to the listeners at


home thanks for listening yeah thanks


for having me right and remember this


podcast is absolutely free so all we ask


in return is for you to share this with


a friend and drop us a five star review


over on iTunes have an awesome day


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