Should You Drop Out of College? #72

Should You Drop Out of College? #72

“Live peacefully doing what you love” by Evan Bradley Johnson #72

Evan Bradley Johnson dropped out of college, when he recognised quickly the corporate life was not for him. He wanted to be an entrepreneur, and that he did. He took over from his mothers business and has not looked back since. A different perspective, for the listeners of find your voice, that I hope you find useful. Finding Your Voice, or your way in life, can come through any avenue. Now I never want to prescribe something so matter of fact to you, without at least giving a balanced argument.

But the one thing I would strongly suggest you all do, moving forward in 2020, is to look at your life and see if its making you truly happy and fulfilled. If it is not, then you may need to reassess and look at where you need to go. Once you have this, I urge you to reverse engineer the process and find a way of becoming that person worthy and capable of living out those dreams.

Some great honest insights from an entrepreneur that aren’t often discussed too within this episode that I am sure, those experienced or even newbies embarking on the journey will benefit from. Other topics discussed were finding things that make you happy and the importance of mindset.

Some Key Time stamps:

Key timestamps:

[05:00] Evan’s entrepreneurial start

[07:28] The Best & Worst thing about being an entrepreneur

[16:50] Never forget how far you have come

[17:10] Evan’s health problems

[25:40] Taking time for the things that you enjoy

Key Quotes by Evan:

“it’s okay to have goals and try to achieve, but try to remember to take a step back and remember that there is a life happening to you in this moment, and its okay to take a breathe and enjoy that”.

“Nothing is a perfectly great answer”

“Drop out of college”

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