Stop Being a Perfectionist #77

Stop Being a Perfectionist #77

“Perfect doesn’t exist” – Aren Deu #77

Perfectionism is nothing to be proud of. Trust me, I used to wear it as a badge of honour daily. However, I have since realised it was just an excuse to not take action, to procrastinate and just delay my goals. So having had some recent feedback from listeners, who believed I had it all figured out, I felt it necessary to share the truth. (YouTube video, will be out tomorrow)

Also it is my goal, to ensure the listeners of find your voice aren’t just talkers. Instead, I want you to be doers, to be action takers and be about it!! Finding your voice is about taking control of your life, overcoming your struggles and adversity and yes Finding Your Voice.

So off the back of a few listeners, one in particular, thinking I had my anxiety shyness conquered, oh you are so wrong!

Remember I am about as normal as you can get and just like you all. I get stressed, worried, nervous and anxious. I get frustrated, angry

overwhelmed too. To make matters worse, I know how to conquer many of these emotions, or at least control them. I have so much wisdom from my guests that I sometimes know the right thing to do, but even then I don’t always do it.

So listen, it’s okay to feel crappy, act crappy and be crappy on the odd occasion. Just remember not to make it a habit. The point is we just need to move forward from that, and we just need to try better next time. I guess that comes down to the right habits and discipline, executing and course correcting.

So whatever you have in your heart, feel it.

Whatever you have in your mind, speak it.

Whatever you want to do, just go out and do it please.

If one thing I learned this week is that life its just too bloody fragile.

I want to send my thoughts and condolences to the friends and family of those who lost someone in the tragic helicopter crash.

RIP (apologies if I pronounce this wrong):

Ara Zobayan

Sarah Chester

Payton Chester

Christina Mauser

Keri Altobelli

John Altobelli

Alyssa Altobelli

GigI Bryant

‘& Kobe Bryant

I want to also leave you on a quote that I saw from twitter that I just hope will stop you procrastinating and take note of the important things in your life, cherish them and make the most of every single second you have in this beautiful world.

“Leaving your home and getting back safely is such an underrated blessing”


Thanks for listening.

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