The best way to motivate yourself #94

The best way to motivate yourself #94

Motivation comes in dribs & drabs! In fact, it seems to elude us when we need it most & appear when we can’t use it as effectively. Ever get that moment of motivation after a few beers but know deep down you won’t execute there and then and even less likely too, in the morning with hangover? Then on the flip side you know you need to work out but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get your body and mind to adhere to your wishes and instead you excuse yourself, let yourself off the hook and tell yourself, you will do better tomorrow?

Well this is why I hope this short bite sized episode will help you at least find another resource to add to your tool kit and get yourself doing things, to execute your goals, overcome your adversity and be happier!

So as I wrote these shownotes, I recognised my Morbid motivation videos are only on my Instagram profile. However I will be uploaded a YouTube version in the upcoming weeks if you want more clarrity on this. I spoke about this at Toastmasters too and it helped me win an award for the best speech.

If you enjoyed it or found it useful, let me know! Also drop by the YouTube channel as we have content everyday going out now to help you.

Audio versions of the Find Your Voice episodes, video recordings of some episodes, animations telling stories, giving tips and much much more!

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Covid19, Covid-19, Coronavirus is just a phase of adversity we are all capable of overcoming and prospering from.

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