The Power of Sharing Your Story To Combat Mental Health #56

The Power of Sharing Your Story To Combat Mental Health #56

The Power of Sharing Your Story To Combat Mental Health by Aren Deu #56

Sharing your story could change lives, no matter how mundane you think it is. This is why I encourage everyone who ever listens, or comes onto Find Your Voice to do the same. But this very short episode features the beautiful review that a young man told me about how it changed the narrative of discussion between him and his male friends. This ripple effect and acknowledgement meant the whole world to me but it also proved that even myself, who doubted my own words, could have an impact.

We forget our stories for their strength, growth and wisdom. We forget the lessons they teach us, or the lessons they can teach others. But I encourage you to not do that. I encourage you to believe in your own ability to find your voice and recognise their is beauty in your struggles, gifts in your adversities and tales that can teach a generation.

This was not a planned episode, but I thank you all for tuning in and taking something from this. It is a milestone for me personally, so I am grateful you have tuned in to share it with me.

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