Tips on Becoming a Better You with Damien Rider #70

Tips on Becoming a Better You with Damien Rider #70

“Heart of the Sea” by Damien Rider #70

This was the most difficult podcast episode I had to title as it could have been titled so so many things, due to the insights and knowledge Damien dropped. His tag line reads: ‘Triumph over adversity’, overcoming PTSD, trauma and adversity is something Damien does as good as most. An incredible individual focused on surpassing his own mental and physical capabilities each and every day. A TedX speaker, an author, an ultra athlete world record holder but more important, at least in my eyes, a true humanitarian.

An individual who has experienced trauma via child abuse in his own days, has now turned his life into inspiring and helping others cope. He is not someone who hashtags key phrases, but rather someone who spends time actually taking time out of his day to make an impact. To support survivors and those he can. A truly delightful experience for myself, to have connected with someone who inspires me and shows me that anything is possible.

The YouTube Video is also live, although the sound waves of the oceans and horses in the background may distract you!

Key timestamps:

[05:15] Damien Story of overcoming Child Abuse

[08:45] Humanitarian acts of making a difference, for Child abuse awareness

[11:20] Tips on how to achieve your goals or overcome your adversity

[16:20] Everybody has their ups & downs

[21:15] Fun Part of the Show

[24:30] Damiens Final Message

Key Quotes by Damien:

“Test yourself daily”

“People forget the challenges that they have gone through life..”

“I have taken away the words, try, fail & impossible and replaced them with do, learn & possible”

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