Why Failure is Necesary? #75

Why Failure is Necesary? #75

“I was once the king of failing” – Aren Deu #75

We will all fail at things in our life. Or how I now like to say, we will all have many opportunities in our life to learn and grow from things that didn’t quite go according to plan. These opportunities are moments that we must acknowledge as important timestamps in our life that will help us level up. They will help us become wiser, gain invaluable experience and teach us so much about ourselves. It is for this reason alone, I want to encourage you all to stretch your comfort zone and begin to embrace ‘failure’. Give yourselves the opportunities to become better by learning in the midst of obstacles and challenges that life will throw your way. The 3 points I discuss in this episode are shown below and I sincerely hope they add value.

  1. Get a reward from your failures as Eric Thomas says
  2. It gets easier next time
  3. It builds character

Thanks for listening.

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