Why you need to work hard to achieve your dreams #9

Why you need to work hard to achieve your dreams #9

Find your voice – Episode 9 -“We came with a suitcase & a dream” – T

Tagline: “We came with a suitcase & a dream”


Find your voice – Episode 9

Uplifted from Zimbabwe T and his family chased the American Dream for a better future.

T puts this perfectly when he explains the silent example he learnt from his parents to be a driving force in his life – hard work. Coming from extremely humble beginnings T knew his best chance at changing his own future and that of his families would be to work harder than those around him.

Unable to speak english and ridiculed early on by children and undervalued by teachers T began to embrace hard work and the struggle finding true beauty in outworking those around him.

Now a successful social worker, bodybuilder and an all round great guy T’s future is brighter than ever as he seeks to help inspire others and teach them to never let anyone elses opinions dictate their ceilings of success and to always embrace hard work.

T also speaks of the oppresive lifestyle he was part of growing up and the struggles of learning a new culture, language and fitting into society. However having studied closely with T for 2 years there are very few more genuine souls I have come across.

I urge you all to support and follow his journey…

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welcome to an episode of find your voice

a movement led by yours truly

Aren do a guy who has overcome

crippling anxiety adversity and

difficulty like so many of you in life

whose main goal now is to help you

combat your excuses take control of your

life write your own story and most

importantly find your voice so now

without further ado I welcome the host

of the show himself mr. Aren do what’s

going on people thank you for tuning in

to another episode of find your voice my

name is Aren and as always I am the

host of the show

so today’s guest is somebody who I met

about four years ago on my social weight

journey so yes

prior to me starting property business

and coaching I was actually a social

worker for a very very short amount of

time but about two weeks ago t reached

out again and he was commenting on one

of my earlier episodes and how he found

it very inspiring and then he asked if

he could be on the show of course was

the answer but I was intrigued because

knowing T at university during our two

years studying a masters he was always

the one in the class that would make

people smile he was always smiling yet

somewhere deep down I knew there was

some element of struggle some level of

adversity that he had been through but

you could never guess what it was

because like I said he was always the

one that would make all our classmates

smile he was always easy come easy go

he’s really getting stressed and he was

just a pleasure to be around

so when he offered to share his story I

was intrigued because I knew there was

gonna be something that was going to be

inspiring and motivating and he didn’t


this episode was fantastic one because I

got to see my good friend again but two

because I realized how lucky and

fortunate I am and probably many of you

listeners are too so I think it’s

important we jump straight into this

episode and listen to what he has to say

and really understand that sometimes the

grass isn’t always greener on the other


and that we do actually have an

unbelievable amount of things to be

grateful for

okay so I’m sitting here now with my

good friend T so if you could explain

actually firstly how you doing not seem

bad might not see where I’m glad to be

here goodness doesn’t he answer that I

completely forgot to ask him how he was

so I think it’s important for the

listeners to you understand a little bit

about your journey and how you progress

through life so if you could just start

from I suppose your first memory I kind

of let us know the life of T of Katonah

okay that’s all right mrs. IND thinking

me you know I don’t usually speak I’m

not so good at speaking but I know the

end of this if I can inspire this one

person great that’s my job here done and

I come from very very very humble

beginnings well I say that I’m still I’m

still here humble beginnings now I’m not

made it yet but we are making progress

my parents my mom moved here in 2003

beans involved in bad way yes yes and

you know we came here okay with a

suitcase and a dream it was a case of

the economy was on see a great over

there so before you know I yeah what’s

the next big thing and you know this was

this was their two children at the time

and like most people I found out found

out that working hard was the way to

their you know American dream so to

speak yeah yeah anyone can say

absolutely um you know the first lessons

that I want C to share with you guys

some of the islands from a parents

hadn’t moved here is that you know

you’ve gotta work hard you have to work

cuz I grew up in a house where you know

I was watching my parents work day in

day our worst and continue to work hard

day and night to make sure that me and

my sister would not go with the help you

know they were breaking their backs and

freed out I said I had a front row seat

in learning you know a hard work I was

like takes yeah you know start from the


remember back home there had really

prestigious jobs but the KVN had to

start from the bottom literally start at

the foundation level okay okay so can I

just jump in there so yeah back home you

had prestigious jobs was it still not

enough in order to fulfill the dreams

that they had I’m glad to think that

they probably did it with us in mind

okay because the way that the fins would

go in I reckon if they continued working

things would have been okay for them but

then by the time you came to us growing

up and working things might not be so

good for us you know something they had

us in mind to build our futures because

we were gonna have better opportunities

that make sense here and you know some

people choose that’s why you see there’s

so many people now I’ll try that risking

their lives day in day out trying to get

to the UK or you know these the

different countries in the West cuz

opportunities are there that’s been at

home yeah we don’t know how lucky we are

sometimes we don’t and we take things

for granted even take things for granted

so it’s so easy wake up sahaja lotta G

but there’s someone diapers opportunity

that we wake up every day as well you

know wake up every day dream someone’s

dying for this you know yeah we’re more

about our jobs and what we spoke about

is actually yeah and it’s that thing of

we take things for granted man you know

anyway I digress

I’m saying I had a front-row seat

watching what it really takes to be able

to drive but you want an understanding

fundamental that in this country you can

give anything you wanted if and only if

you’re willing to make the sacrifices

and pull your socks up like I said

people are risking their lives trying to

sneak and use the abundance of

opportunities that were presented with

so the lesson I want to convey to you

guys today is that there’s nothing more

powerful than that Silas example and for

me that sounds example was my parents

they never told me that you know when we

came here absolutely this is what

yesterday we were just watching yeah I

just had to watch all thinking okay you

know yeah weekend that is working in my

mom is working you know we’re just

watching that work as powerful

there’s a quote and I think it says

don’t listen to what they say watch what

they do and that’s what it is and that’s

with anything in mind because you get a

lot of people are just talking the talk

and stuff

sounds great we really if it sounds

before the action yeah it’s the action

they can talk it you know gay men but

when it comes to doing it’s a different

story and for me from that is where I

learned that parents as parents and my

parents yeah but as parents be afraid to

let your kids watch you fail or watch

you start from the bottom and watch you

sweat cause we taking inspiration comes

every day we learn Oh strong strong work

ethic I think that’s I think that’s a

powerful lesson because one of them like

I said to a lot of people my superpower

I believe everyone’s got a super fine I

use that as an analogy or metaphor is I

just work hard that’s it

I don’t have anything else good I’m not

naturally more talented at something

else but I will most likely I work most

people because I’ve seen my mom do it

I’ve seen her with 90 hours a week when

we were growing up I used to see her

around I’m thinking where’s mom

and it should come from breakage that

getting changed into our next – she’s

back after work yeah and I’m not talking

about later I’m talking Saturday Sunday

I’m talking in the six weeks holidays I

think that’s really important I think we

should set an example of the real life

and not trying to hide things for my

kids that’s it in order to try and

protect them because actually you could

actually giving them a good thing

there’s no such thing as an overnight

sensation no such being people you have

to work you know some people are lucky

enough to be born in rich families and

whatnot but majority of us we have to

work her way up

mm-hmm and for me I’d like to say that’s

probably one of the best solid examples

of my life and that’s made me who I am

today because it’s me you know yeah I’m

not gonna be product of my circumstances

and I’m gonna be so the master of my

destiny I’m saying that now but back

then it was not like that in the sensor

for example you know when I first came

here I came when I was about 10 years

old started in year six I’m going to

school not knowing English that well

because English is the second language

okay but we do not have to speak it at

much because we don’t need sing of

course you know we just have good lesson

English enough

so came here and yes 6 min imagine you

know trying to learn English we were

pretty much I remember going to school

and those big clumps of bacon and then

the cheap of the cheaper version is the

cheap version because it’s not little

thin slices we employ us how would you

want that was a big chunk you say see

laughter retired my gosh but it’s

brilliant because again this is what it

was my character the clumps of bacon you

know wake up in the morning she made


try as possible wait you could imagine

it was not easy trying sliced bacon as

you put it on that sound good share I’ll

get to school so I said I do not know

some of the things that were deemed to

be normal in this country sometimes

frowned upon

yeah so break time think I’m a bacon

sandwich you know remember I remember

him to Clete onto the bread so hard to

prevent the whole me good bite

you know yeah I remember sometimes we’d

have pizza it would have Pete certainly

and I’ll bring they left all this nice

box at my Lodge for school Broco Pizza

he and I did not know that this was not

the into the normal button but you know

it was tough for my sisters there she

was younger she started by ryaba star

square one she couldn’t speak that could

be English as well so we kind of just

have each other have to try and you know

I remember sister go home she’ll be

trying to read a book to try and learn

you know English I should be holding

that book upside down you know you just

start I would love a coke

bacon sandwich for those kids don’t

listen Island kids kids are cruel yeah

you know meals kids are cruel that’s why

there’s so much bullying in school right

now it’s only now right now oh no wait

if I have to you know go to work with

this is all right this is okay cuz now I

don’t put down anyone’s approval I’m in

that stage now where certain people’s

opinion if it’s not constructive it

doesn’t bother me

moving on then we went to secondary

school obviously were picking up English

you know it’s improving improving the

language just getting back there so we

get to school yeah do the sets in you

nine I did okay considering

yeah ten will do GCSEs okay no yes I

will do you mock GCSE means encore these

are marks and – seriously

Bastille did well in them then I

remember there was one Paris evening

goes one parents evening news in their

parents evening actually my parents were

cold from school and the teacher said

can you kiss community discussion your

son is underachievement

right okay like I told your son is

predicted to come by the end of GCSE is

to come out with four C’s with this

coming from you know I’m doing well in

essence I’m always you know and can

imagine you know in my house we’d say

education very seriously and it’s not

just my house is probably across the

most African families most African

countries cause in Africa education is

not free you know here privilege is a

privilege is a privilege that many

cannot afford I remember

at home kids will be sent out from

classical definitely see the

Headmaster’s office or go home if you’ve

not paid the school fees cause some

people simply couldn’t afford so you

coverton so imagine you come into this

country metal education is free and

you’re messing about yeah you’re not

taking advantage of the opportunity that

is presented to you witness others at

home or dying for this opportunity and

when if they are to get it they would

flourish in you know you know can we

imagine they were really disappointed

do not happy it was a case right you’re

mixing about you don’t take a school

education seriously from now on there’ll

be no going out no playing out if you

were to play outside you know I was

acting all playing out during the week

anyway I was very impressive on the


I was allowed out on mainly just the

Saturday if his Sunday so a couple of

house I was allowed on Saturday but

before I did that I had to do you know

those PGCC books yeah I had to do

certain number of pages of them before I

could go out and I had to get it right

and I used to think why they doing this

to me why me you know all my friends at

help then when I did go out I don’t have

to care if you have to be 4i either six

or seven even some other stars blazing

hot at 7:00 p.m. you have to be able to

seven I don’t think it’s himself why are

they doing this to me why me you know I

used to moan about it wasn’t impressed

but then it’s funny now when I go back

because obviously at that age you know

more than your parents don’t you another

thing that you know yeah but what I do

there now and the kind of people that

were staying out so midnight what they

were doing to midnight I’m not comparing

myself to them I’m just saying I’m glad

that my parents did that I’m glad that

they did that for me because

so for me as well if I was one of them

kids someone invited prison some of them

are just doing all kinds of business you

know anyway absolutely predictions I

think that is an important point though

that we should stress because I was the

same so I went to tip it up which is

where you live now I think I still live

there and I had like best friends and

you think you never gonna get friends

better than this and I want to go to

Thibodeau comp and at that time I was

doing well academically so my parents

were like okay we’re gonna send you to

grammar school the helis grammar school

then I found out he was all-boys school

but that way he’s going through puberty

exciting to find the opposite sex

attractive and I was like here I go to

an all-boys school and I went and I

resented it I resented the decision for

ages I’m gonna hate it but in hindsight

similarly yourself now that got me into

a very good university even what my

grades weren’t great because I had that

my CV it also taught me a lot about how

you should conduct yourself in certain

situations not all of it was positive

but also been there I’ve got some of my

best friends and I’m talking about

friends you on the right side of the law

okay when I look back at if I’d run

tv.com and I look at my friends there

there were stabbings there was prison

there was drugs with the community that

I grew up with so I don’t know would I

have been brave enough with and stepping

away from friends who have grown up with

or what I’ve just got involved in that I

don’t know we’ll never know but I’m kind

of grateful that I went my way and life

has brought me here so yeah Paris I

think they always try to do the best

that they know but at that time you

don’t see oh man angry I mean they never

even played football there and as a kid

I was like a hotshot footballer

apparently and I’ve got to defeat every

all my dreams I’m kind of crushed in

that moment yeah but then also some

wonderful thing and now I kind of think

you know what actually my life isn’t too

bad and I suppose it’s perspective and

it’s a age and as you grow you can you

can spin anything I suppose in a good

way that’s and yeah sorry continue

well in that sense I think it man so

close so close you know we are ta 11 we

do GCSEs I come out with two A’s B’s and

C’s yeah I don’t know how much that I

had to do with all the extra homework

that I had to do because of that meeting

being cold but I saw so smug towards my

teachers thinking oh okay there’s your

four C’s you know we came from Revere oh

yeah yeah you know that figure of

putting their limitations or

expectations on me you know not picking

I love me yes okay great this was it for

me I think actually today today best

achievement I worked hard for that

please repeat in a school of how many

people to be the top and you know be

another one from where you start exactly

that’s the thing as well Stan journey

knowing you know came here barely being

able to speak a word of English and now

here I am being told you’re the example

student you know that was big for me and

that’s why to this day is still one of

our biggest achievements

that we call to college to a-levels

doing a-levels breaking those I don’t

know teacher see you because doing the

hub behaves on son who’s come a bit of a

joker yeah sometimes I like to say a

joke sometimes might be inappropriate

times when I like to crack a joke about

this has been interviews where they’re

going to just cracking jokes yeah

probably cause ya know the swamp and

semen college where my mom comes in

friends dad came in as well and I

remember as we’re going out he was going

out my mom was coming in so I’m still

mom kind of knew what to expect

yeah and in there it was some kind of

exactly what the predictions were but it

was no great again he was no quotes

he was no great January exams so you

know that’s Jennifer Connelly Wingate’s

caucuses in January exams like three

months either one now and I remember

there was a law exam I was ready to go

see I thought exam was a 2 p.m. or

something I don’t know what in my mind


anyway so you just told me you know

check what time you exactly hmm

and this time is about half nine when

zone was at 9 o’clock

yeah you know I had breakfast heaven or

breakfast yeah

so we get to school and we get to

college which is about half an hour

drive on a good day

this one’s not good dangos of the snow

obviously so I get they have a half ten

and there’s about an hour of the exam

next is going to be a two and a half

hours I’ll run for it

I’m not oh please I’m going to be naked

no exam can you please let me go and see

the rest of the example you know cannot

restart it about two hours now and then

I why are you late that’s odd the bus

broke down those are all round chaos –

okay we the only student from this

College in that bus yeah but you only

see the last best results came out I’ll

go ahead de you yeah I got a de you au

was a mystery yeah I didn’t think I did

that bad but boy come one hey you here

we go again you know I’m gonna go home

how do you go home the best thing to do

yeah so there’s no nasty surprises when

I get home my parents just know I was in

a school day

you know hopefully bugs ever get home

yeah Judas thank you lot of except to

the end you know it’s like go home get

home and again it was just a case of you

know yeah this time there was no right

ten is your life your life you do what

you want is worse that I got me man yeah

disappointment is worse than that guy

I’ll probably get shouted midair don’t

gets around disappoints in the human so

I was thinking some stuff okay so I had

to pay for the reasons are my own money

then resuts

I go in a b c in the receipts in the

summer which was great because waffle

was a leg was really the same as he said

Jesus is we can revise two weeks before

George I know Chauncey and so I learned

the hard way I’m sort of sure in the end

I got a BBC fantastically end of the ADA

was which was great which can set me on

the path to unique University and I went

to university went to Manchester did my

first degree

you’ve Community development’s it was


enjoyed it then I went on to do some

work related to that words and fate of


mmm-hmm and it was basically a

organization which would be young people

who were born HIV and I would like to

say that it’s probably the best thing

I’ve ever done in my life imagined job

wise and satisfaction wise cuz you know

you’re making that positive impact on

people’s lives and having said that you

know I am gonna keep jumping back and

forth wine yeah I know that start the

podcast was all discussed growing up in

the house were you watching people

working hard know what we know this job

in age of fourteen I remember it was a

paper round for the local newspaper in

the area and it was about 350 newspapers

every Thursday in November I wake up

first thing in the morning Wednesday


first thing first day morning do about

150 use maple before going to school

come back get rid of school

go to school come back home till even

the rest of the newspaper sometimes you

saw spit into the Friday as well

depending on how fast there wasn’t one

nothing and again it was that thing of

trying to get that good work ethic

instilled in me from a young age as well

so once I was you know in college I was

working as well yeah I was working them

in has to be like you know you do the

math I was pissed at it see then when I

moved to Manchester also a convention

see like I do that by state authorities

gonna work like Clark’s and I moved back

home yeah because the other guys I was

working for they lost their funding and

they had to close down and I’m thinking

man was next because I’ve got this

degree but I know that the job prospects

are not great a ride wasn’t Mickey Mouse

degree and I think you know go back I’m

one I’ve done the same one

maybe frequently that prospectus was a

big t fast yeah you know he’s just a

case of Social Work socialized the next

thing for me that’s what and that’s what

we met that’s what we meant

I remember the first time I see this

Social Work and being in social workers

were working in and it was back then and

I remember it was a case of also

different different environments and

they you need to remember you working

together differently when I did my

undergraduate it was a case yeah yeah

here the Masters is the case of your

help me help you

of course and I think I’ve seen more us

is amol that’s the big man that’s the

big and it was a case of my it was not

just asked he was pretty much the whole

brain sleep everyone just worked so well

to confess

and we try to make sure that if someone

did not was not doing so well we try to

pull them up why didn’t his doing this

you know centrist instead of myosin

powerful is this you know yeah who’s

great and again it’s that thing of for

me that’s where I experienced real trust

I mention your colleagues because I’ve

not known anything like that before I

think I’m the same but then there’s a

few things that that one age will

probably or everyone’s had a degree

before so you wise up a little bit but I

think also it’s a testament that people

are going to become social workers

because you guys who are keep in touch

with here and there through that what’s

up yourself a little bit more to be a

social worker wanna become a social

worker you’ve got to be a different kind

of person I believe you’ve gotta have

that level there’s gonna be something in

your heart that makes you want to help

people so the reason you will start that

journey together was we want you to be

the best I’m socially in the world and

change the world so if we call after our

peers who are on the same path as us

then that’s saying something about your

personality and there’s nobody on that

course I can think of who did that we

all literally just held each other up

somebody would tell me what my choice

like come along with me and I love that

community like so yeah you know I having

said that you having said that you know

you said you have to be same kind of

person to be a social would you be

surprised you know bro really there’s

some people that you see I don’t think

it wait you know you’d agree yeah

everyone was great I’m sure that

everyone was great as well as you think


but then when you get in the job there

are some people that you think where

were you and the cool so become

desensitized or

Huracan people do become desensitized

and sometimes i know that we found this

out that the job is not what we expected

it to be yeah so I think that’s probably

why some people serve turn out to be a

certain way whilst on the job

yeah um you know we do the masters and

now you know I’m I’m working the job

working the job and it’s going okay

basically from my story in main thing

the hours of convey is their thing of

other people’s expectations

do not let people’s expectations of your

other people’s limitations in you become

your reality doctor so you know if

someone’s a sense EE you know yeah you

do so well I don’t think you’re gonna be

able to do this you know that’s their

expectations that doesn’t mean it has to

transpire it to you absolutely

and sadly it does sadly in some cases it

does cause a self-fulfilling prophecy

yeah if you didn’t shout that the bad

believin that they’re bad you know

they’ll probably start behaving it’s

that feeling of staying in your own lane

I think that’s really important people’s

opinions they’re all facts it’s just

their belief and again their belief

isn’t the truth is their truth it’s not

in fact and I think I’ve learned that

the hard way because a lot of stuff I’ve

bought off for trying to do was based on

other people’s opinions and I just think

now the most important opinion is the

opinion of myself I mean in movie you

have to it sounds it sounds weird as a

grown man and he stays thinking I need

to start to look at myself I need to

start valuing myself because somewhere

along the journey I stopped doing that

and the way I would I suppose look at

myself what I do myself was based on the

opinion of other people whereas now it’s

like each Australian if there’s a few

people in my life who their opinion

concerns me because I respect them and I

want them to think that I’m doing a good

thing but other than that it’s really

about myself and that’s why we touched

on prior to this episode time why’d you

stop that self-talk every morning and

have you stuff that empowers me rather

than brings me down because a lot of us

thumpings get out it wasn’t actually

myself it was the opinions of others

that I would repeat to myself and say I

must be sure I must be anxious I must

not be strong enough for must not be

good enough

that’s a is the mind is so powerful so I

think one of the things I want to try

and be with this podcast is always try

and get into younger heads so they don’t

go through that exactly he really

switched them young because we instill

that mind saying them from a young age

isn’t it yeah definitely you know and

it’s not thinking of mom always says

don’t let your feet go cold what she

wasn’t someone else is great I love that

you know love it and it’s not be enough

for example right now the time is what

time is it

11:14 11:40 11:40 in Zim it is 140 okay

it’s 114 thing right now does that mean

that we’re slower then we’re not we’re

in a different time zone we’re not

slower than them you know and I said so

right you know someone graduated yeah

and they just wanted see or wait five

years before securing a good job and

someone became a CEO at the age of 25

but died at the age of 50 while someone

else became a CEO and the age of 50 and

leave till they were nine see Obama

retired as president at the age of 55

don’t know Trump became president at the

age of 70 you know so everyone’s in

their own time zone and people around

you they might seem like they I had a

few or some be behind you but everyone’s

running the old race in their own time

so think of not being I just want to

point out quickly for the podcast he’s

reading white Instagram right man ya

know but it makes so much sense which is

why we get along we think the same kind

of things so I’m sure your remains to us


it’s the truth but the problems with

society in like social media and stuff

is we are that in our food go cold I

suppose if you use that because we want

you cuz we’re watching as a people I’m

not gonna sit here and say I don’t do

that myself I’m conscious that it’s not

the right thing to do six out of the

seven days a week

I don’t do it but there are some days

when you get frustrated cuz you know you

want to be there but then is that thing

about trust in the process and we’re

both average gym goers

we know what it’s like to Broadway to

add strength to lose weight and stuff

and we know it’s a process thing so so

that’s really important

or what I switch gears just a little bit

we want to one of the next question

which is about routine now I always

believe where

product of our habits and the things we

tell ourselves and I think I know myself

personally but my routines on point my

days are on point and my goals and what

progression it moves forward but when

it’s not it’s completely off so I’m

gonna know is what’s your kind of daily

routine that you do now having learned

all the lessons that you’ve had it since

coming from Zimbabwe to England and

going through school and then through

your social work where you probably see

more stuff than most people what’s kind

of like your daily routine that keeps

you going okay wake up

people myself all been just now joking

right so obviously get on the treadmill

straightaway I get 45 minutes

frosted coffee or show a beauty show

coming up in about nine weeks where is

that show they’ll be a staff to share

okay in Staffordshire then there’ll be

another one two weeks after that in

staffing shared stuff and I’m not one

potentially after my Scotland you love

it yeah so at the moment I wake up to go

fasted cardio get in the shower then

have my breakfast and only just you know

breakfast I can have one to go on my way

to work

I’m going to work and probably listen to

songs because before he used to it

sounds like the radio and then I realize

that all the stars radio presenters they

irritate me

because I know guys their job or the

child or the rubbish yeah and most of it

is lies but that’s what I have to do is

their job isn’t it so there is anything

that’s fine it’s on the plate presenters

are talking I just feature a different

station with a drink and song at that

time I listen to radio for one now but

now I listen to something quite

motivational you know there’s so many

motivational things that you finally

achieve and it takes me not too long to

get to work so I put that day’s work is

finished and it’s just climbed a little

something in my mind I’ve learned

something from that

Oh do and I get to work do I need to do

whilst at work you know how I can office

where people are always bringing cakes

my songs for breakfast and all this

difference and you know the donor so now

and then and I’m they even have a little

lunch boxes lunches you can have some

you’re gonna have some you know and now

nobody even seems like a drink a cup of

tea they don’t ask me for one because

they know that I’m not gonna have one

drink or take and condos weight so I can

teens tell me why I don’t think into

idea how they’re gonna say if you don’t

know cause I’ve had these conversations

with my colleagues about you know having

the discipline to discipline and if you

are not there wish I was like you but he

can be only yesterday miss get right up

in the end until you get there you’re

not gonna be able to see it starts here

it starts it starts all starts in the

head do memory right you can’t you

actually can’t and that’s what I believe

I don’t believe that you can’t so you

can’t you’re not there until you believe

you can yeah anyway then of course the

gym after work I destroy my work out as

much as I can

go home and have a meal do it be a

reading after that cuz I’ve got about

two hours to find start getting ready

for bed and have my last meal and go to

bed okay that’s a typical day and for me

don’t get me wrong I work a stressful

job about something I think I think that

sometimes it’s the stress would you make

it I’m not really a stress the stress T

person like that so for me I always try

to remain calm stay chilled and

sometimes the people that you know do

you ever like strength unlike what’s

that gonna help

it’s not gonna help me isn’t American

things better it’s not then I go see the

gym me in the gym is a space where I can

shut down you know just focus on why is

it fun to me

yeah it’s a place for me there’s times

that I going what gym about six times a


I don’t want it went you know about six

times a week but now is the case of

discipline I’m just I’m there whether I

want to or that

do I wanna wake up frustrated with my

clothes every day

I don’t want to see what I have to do I

do because I have seen you know people

saying are jungian up dry chicken out

dry chicken and veg again how do you

enjoy it I’m gonna enjoy I don’t mean to

enjoy because nobody needs it

yeah it’s about why I enjoy oh you can

season your chicken me you cannot

consistently so why don’t you need to

enjoy it so have it yeah that’s one that

I like that and the great thing about

that is it’s transferable by anything or

anything because for me I’ve never

competed before these were first

bodybuilding competitions you know and

nothing to myself right

it’s that pinnacle before I used to go

Jim it’s just real weight you know try

and lift as heavy as I can they came

pretty strong but then what’s next you

know cuz I catch a point in the gym I

think you know you know same old stuck

here for how many years not much changes

so if we know yeah jump our comfort zone

doing something that’s gonna stretch

something you’ve never ever done before

so completes it and it’s something I’ve

always wanted to do ok right this year

I’m gonna compete this you know is the

very first of December no sir right this

year I’m gonna compete that racism

nothing’s happening so sometimes you

need to take action absolutely


when it comes to do it that’s a whole

different story some people some people

feel like they’re doing push-ups oh they

getting bigger by just talking about it

oh yeah it’s all pumped up the moment

and listen to motivational thing and

they’re feeling grateful oh but 30

minutes per month okay now you’re gonna

work and that work there and whatever it

is in life so say for instance if you

use my property for example a lot of the

stuff I do in this job it’s not great

and sometimes people will look at it

from from their perspective and think oh

you’ve got the life you can work with

you on that listen when I accept my day

I hate doing these tasks but I have to

do it just in order to get my freedom

discipline equals freedom basically

that’s how I see it

same with the gym so I’ll get the smirk


so you’re always in the gym you’re

addicted to the gym first I used to get

my back up a little bit because I didn’t

want to be that guy but I’m like okay

that’s fine

I’d rather be addicted to that then at

the same time similar to your son yes

I’d say three or four times a week I

really want to get to the gym because

you just you feel good you feel great

the other times and what I’m doing

sometimes I do to workout today as well

I don’t wanna be there but I have to be

then I convince myself and I start

talking the struggle I go through my own

head to get myself to the gym that

morning is tough but it has to be

donated to become he’s so happy now he’s

like it’s like when I breathe or when I

eat and drink it’s just part of it this

is second nature

yeah everyone should do that because

like we said it’s all transferrable into

anything if I can myself up my comfort

zone every single day and do that and

then do that with other tasks in my life

I either private casting ie my property

or my coaching or whatever then slowly

like with a gym progress it’s gonna

start happening isn’t it

you gotta start reaching them and look

doing things such as a meal prep I’ve

never used a real prayer never use the

meal prep and you know the whole results

have been working our fancy KFC KFC KFC

of course I why do I do that

dodge it corny ammonia sometimes all my

eat lunch and by the time just before

eating I’ll be starving and I’ll have

wiping stuck in order Big John’s

astray if I were to be John’s then go

Jesus laughter you cannot I work about

diet and stuff Engels now I could take

some 2,000 do four days worth of food

and I feel great yeah absolutely and now

it’s a habit I believe in dreadmill prep

I enjoy heat and deciphering again man

motivation that’s all if I say a – time

discipline lasts forever high-degree

wonder-percent I think I used to be a

person trainer not seven eight years and

I’m Cocorico need to like a coaching

aspect I suppose the people were so like

my property and business and stuff and

one of the first things I will say to

people when they approach me or can you

coach me for a kind of ability you help

me get get over this hurdle in my life

for example it’s okay do you work out a

solution one of the first questions

asked which they probably don’t expect

from the coach because I think you know

you’re gonna give me some system or

something that you need to do for

business and the majority of them say no

I’m like well that needs to change

because the way I do my stuff is that’s

the first thing we look at we focusing

on your health which I believe is your

biggest well you know healthy as well as

that kind of thing and your mind getting

that right and that’s kind of how I look

at it so I think me going to the gym

especially for my boxing okay just

before meeting you doing the Masters has

been one of the biggest disadvantages I

had when I went to this property game in

this business game because I was like I

just take that work ethic where I was i

working everyone in the gym and i just

bring it into yeah okay i don’t know as

much about property or business as most

people but most people start work about

knowing they work to about half i for

example you have about an hour and a

half at the dick you know for lunch then

looking at YouTube videos half way

through if I just wake up seven eight

o’clock but I don’t have all that time

and I just work till seven eight o’clock

at night very very quickly over a couple

years I’ll call back up if that makes

any sense that’s kind of what I’ve done

it that of course yeah okay fantastic so

what is your biggest fear why is my

biggest fear okay um my biggest fear is

I would say to not be able to keep my

family they deserve what would change in

their day to day would it be that you

want to retire them from work or send

them on a holiday I mean what kind of

things in what will change them and then

moments wake up to what’s work that

would be the main thing the choice did

you have the choice if they do choose to

go to work is our choice as long as they

have to yeah and at the moment is the

case of the clock see I thinks it’s cuz

know we spend a lot of our time I work

more about time get home everyone’s

tired or we the good gets a bed that’s

your neo Cynthia as you know spend as

much time as you deal with them as you

do at work absolutely

for me I would like for my family to the

Opera Z what’s the spin because that’s

that’s invaluable man thing is for us to

spend more time together spend more time

doing something that it does not really

benefit us you know the initial initial

amount of time that it got its that’s my

biggest worry cuz it’s not for you know

critics life is a predictor

you know things happen day in day out

actually I’ve seen this call he said

that we who die while still alive you

know you don’t expect it to happen while

things happen and for me out of really

disappointed if I if something any fix

that happened and I’m not being able to

give my family the life that they


that’s what my biggest fear okay good

answer good answer

okay so the next question is about

motivation I’d be lying I suppose if I

said there was a days where I struggled

to keep myself away I think I’ve touched

on this earlier you know gym stuff

and I’m pretty soon yourself had those

days as well I’ve yet to meet anybody

who doesn’t need some level of

motivation or something that just keeps

on going on the days where they just

don’t feel like doing it so I want to

know is on those days where you feel

like maybe you’re in a funk or your

motivations gone and then he’s just not

clicking in your head and you don’t want

to go to the gym I know we touch on

discipline for example or you don’t want

to go to it what is driving you on that

particular day okay I always think that

someone else is working harder that’s me

by the way up in smoke okay if we are to

believe this you know the competition’s

that I’m gonna do like I said I don’t

wanna go to gym every day but I do

sometimes I’m in the gym I’m gonna

hundred percent I still give it

everything that came on that day yeah

you know I’ll finish myself I want to be

standing on that stage and if I’ve lost

it’s my cause I worked refused yeah I

want to lose with my head held high

okay there’s nothing more that I

could’ve actually given me okay that’s

what motivates me I don’t understand

their thinking and if I want to think

that one day that’s gonna be that we may

live so stop being of no wanting to be

outworked it’s okay yeah you’re gonna

lose okay we lose it but do not lose

cause I do not get oh yeah you know

that’s Jim late but I’m Garcia

life in general I just touched up on my

knees that like they don’t give for my


yes that’s what motivates me to stop

being of man you can’t afford to let

that grip slip

pushy and you know I’m always to you

more the fact that they’re waking up a

goal to work that day when that day the

wake nuts got to work clay yeah that’s

that’s my motivation desperate like they

have to wake up for where that baby that

you have that makes sure you don’t hit

that seems but exactly can I hear that

because I understand me my wife you

while I went on this journey where I was

self-employed and not really normally I

was literally carrying I had this much

money to spare another I need to get

remember me I need to pay for a coffee

any I was working my pennies out in a

bootstrapping but the thing that would

always get me out of bed was and I was

put my alarm I just put on for my wife

yeah so I’m like she’s haven’t talked to

work to support this I mean and that

used to keep me going every single day

that’s so I hear that okay okay so now

you’ve heard the buzzer has just gone

off and we’re at the fun part of the

show where I’m gonna put you through

your paces now the beautiful thing about

this is T doesn’t know any of the

questions I’m gonna ask him so what I’m

gonna do is I’m gonna set the timer for

60 seconds okay so we’re going to start

in three two one

the ability to fly or be invisible right

money your fame money Ronnie Coleman or

Auto Show Sega on favorite protein shape

flavor banana singing or dancing dancing

that Pixar YouTube YouTube Marvel or DC

model favorite TV show ever

would you rather than on how you would

die or when you were dying when you love

or money

love books or movies if you can sit with

one person in the world or an hour with

me you’ll probably be in Iraq your worst

fear growing up was snakes what is your

biggest addiction

my biggest addiction is Jim summer

winter summer your favorite place in the

whole way your zoom speak or languages

will be able to speak to animals

sweet harmonies if you could abolish one

thing in the world for many P racism

your favorite song ever last ones

Jacob read minds or predict the future

your favorite superhero

my pramantha probably one of mine yeah

yeah okay so but nearly there’s just a

couple of more questions left and the

next one’s on reflection so hi inside

some wonderful thing and upon reflection

we can always think of ways to get to

where we currently are quicker easier or

with less heartache but I also guess the

journey teaches us a lot as well I’m a

strong believer in trusting the process

and enjoying the process so what I want

to know is if you could go back in time

to that one moment where you really

struggled and suffered with the

adversity so if you use the university

example and you can just whisper

something in the air of a younger T

knowing what you know now what would you

tell yourself when I tell myself be


no one’s gonna keep this to you you can

do this

no one can race you come on your ways

for you you’re gonna do but in so we are

actually at the last question then if in

a hundred and fifty years time science

fails to save all of us we’re no longer

here and well that exists is a book on

the life of T by the way you can choose

up for the title and on that book it’s

it can be as big as you want but

somebody’s walking past what will make

that person pick it up right so what I

want to know is what would the blue say

and what would the total of that book

say about you okay okay something Godsey

I mean that I’m always there so someone

who just worked hard to chase the

American dream for their family just

finally in America

yeah people’s attention but that it’s

truly the only company okay title title

the British dream says a guy it’s very

hard to get there make

they’re gonna be thinking this author

has no idea where my story my story my

right there’s not right or wrong answer

good answer good answer so that you’ve

heard it you’ve heard like an

unbelievable story of somebody who’s

coming from a place where many of us who

are listening to this now haven’t had to

come from I suppose and I studied with

tea at University and a lot of this I

never knew myself so it’s it’s been

inspiring for myself to hear this

especially when I sit back and I think

about when we were doing coursework and

I used to struggle with the English

English language myself so just to think

how hard it must have been for you as

well it just makes you appreciate how

fortunate we all are before we leave I

am I always like to ask my guests if

they could just give us one place where

we could reach out to you I’ll probably

say snapchat realistically okay these

more than anything that’s fine you and

your username infrastructure catcher

Freeman catch a Freeman okay fantastic

I’ll put that in the show notes

I’m will probably put your Instagram in

there as well because I find it

inspirational there’s a lot of great

quotes bill on my Instagram okay but

there’s also a lot of their training

footage as well and bespoke prior to

this interview as well teas on the

transformation where he’s gone from just

under probably 100 kg down to like 7 e

ie I think at the minute and it’s

probably gonna get lower so it just

shows you that if you really trust the

process in your work hard you can really

get to where you want to get to and I

just wanna say thank you for coming down

really appreciate it

and tirana home thanks for listening and

remember this podcast is absolutely free

so all we ask in return is for you to

share this with a friend and drop us a

five star review over on iTunes have an

awesome day

#JustDeuIt & #FindYourVoice

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