Your excuses are invalid #11

Your excuses are invalid #11

Find your voice – Episode 11 – My Little Spartan – Michael V Kalisperas #11

Tagline: “Unleash your inner spartan…”


Apologies in advance for the sound quality on my end. Technical issues certainly played their role. But in true spartan fashion we kept going.

Michael Kalisperas life turned upside when his son was hit with a number of health conditions due to the neglect of a midwife. Sadly his beautiful son’s life had changed which would have a knock on effect to Michael and his family.

However determined to not let this get him down, Michael continued to take action and let his excuses be a thing of the past. Realising his own excuses and rationales to avoid doing the hard stuff are so insignificant compared to the battles his son, and daughter face on a daily basis he ensured he crushed his goals.

A successful property investor, an author, a father and loving husband Michael story is one which touched my heart.

I reached out personally when I first heard his story because he genuinely changed my whole perception on the way I view my life or sometimes feel about my own situation.

I urge you all to ignore the sound defects, which I take full responsibility for and listen to this incredible man’s story.

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welcome to an episode of find your voice

a movement led by yours truly

Aren do a guy who has overcome

crippling anxiety adversity and

difficulty like so many of you in life

whose main goal now is to help you

combat your excuses take control of your

life write your own story and most

importantly find your voice so now

without further ado I welcome the host

of the show himself mr. Aren do what’s

going on people thank you for tuning in

to another episode of find your voice my

name is Aren and as always I am the

host of the show so it’s very rare that

I will stop a podcast especially at the

end of it just to kind of find out who

the individual is now I’m not saying I

don’t get inspired or motivated by

people but generally speaking I’m just

kind of excited for the next podcast

however on this particular occasion a

few years ago I actually pause the

podcast towards the end of the show now

the only problem was I still had the

rest of my car journey to go so I was

kind of sitting in silence but it was

worth it because I really wanted to send

a message to this individual who I’m now

very grateful to have on my podcast and

I sent a message out to Michael to kind

of say thank you for the inspiration for

the motivation and more importantly I

hope things really do progress a little

bit easy for him I suppose in life and

speaking to him in this interview it’s

difficult to say how things got easier

but one thing I can say is that he’s

attitude is still the same he’s

willingness to just go out there and

take action and not be a victim of his

circumstances is fantastic and that’s

kind of what this podcast is about it’s

about eliminating your excuses it’s

about pay with the cards that you’re

dealt with it’s about literally thinking

okay this is what’s happened now how do

I change this how do I go out into the

world and really find my voice and kind

of write my own story so I think I’m

going to leave it there

I just want to say before it starts I

did have some teething issues with the

Wi-Fi so we actually have to do a zoom

core where

which was fine for videos but

unfortunately some of the Sam when I was

editing it back wasn’t quite as clear as

I had hoped because I was using my

laptop speaker as opposed to my mic that

I’m now recording this intro with so

hopefully you can bear with this because

I think more important than the sound

quality is the message and the story

behind Michael’s life so without further

ado let’s get this interview on the way

okay so I am here today with my course

obviously I want to say thank you

Michael for taking time out of your day

and there how are you doing today young

I’m very well thank you

good stuff good stuff so I think it’s

important for the listeners to really

start to understand your story from

yourself so if you could please explain

how you progress through life yeah sure

progress through life as it seems like a

I’m 42 in them in literally a couple of

weeks time so it’s February you know so

not long I’m gonna be 42 so other know

where to begin to go through the whole

life scenario but I’ve done quite a lot

of things I guess I could go back to

even school where I would say I was

probably not the best at school and not

really someone that was a you know in

these special sets as they call him

because I wasn’t really interested in

school I didn’t feel the vibe at school

I just didn’t you know bond with the

teachers if I’m being honest but my life

completely changed where when I went to

college and you meet a different type of

teacher and different environment and it

was a bit more more creative more my

feeling you know what cuz I’ve always

come from a creative background I’ve

always been like an artist as such and

then I ended up pretty much ending up

going to to university ended up at de

Montford University and doing them so we

call multimedia design and marketing

basically which was basically it was

multimedia and I left there and a lot of

my friends ended up in the 3d world from

from from those sort of forces and ended

up her kind of like playing games for

Sony Playstation so I’m got a real while

yeah got really good friends I’m quite

well in that and then and I ended up

basically showcasing my work they they

asked for a few people to earn

to showcase their work at an exhibition

in London I think it was the Olympia I

can’t remember the actual name of the

venue from being asked me so many years

ago and it was a big place and and they

had about I don’t know six of us the

showcase our stuff so they picked people

that they wanted to showcase at this

show and it was just like a sort of like

greatest show and Khaitan story short I

got a head hunted by my boss back then

Charla Crais for the BBC ended up

working at the BBC basically doing

designs and websites for them and yeah

we touched on many many areas it was

within a group of people as a lot of

these companies are and so I was in the

designer group and basically design

websites ranging from Teletubbies to

crime watch Top Gear yeah yeah very very

very very very varied set of you know

even like you know History Channel maybe

we’ve seen so it was really it was a

department called fracture and learning

back at the time I think they’ve got rid

of the actual Department have something

else it’s called a different name now

yeah and I was in and I didn’t stay

there as long as I could of I decided to

leave I don’t know what it was I come

from originally London actually

ironically but most of my life was

brought up in a small village called

Mulford where they’ve got the movin

hills and more than spring water and all

this kind of thing and it is a bit like

house on the prairie kind of thing and

as when I lived there I can’t wait to

get out and you know escape and get into

University and all that sorcerer and and

meet people and but when you go to the

like concrete jungle and kind of think

on what god what is this AZ yeah yeah

it’s kind of like we start realizing you

know my dad says it is well he lived in

them the most of his life I actually

came over here with nothing I mean he

literally had no money for shoes he

literally came with nothing from from

Cyprus and he started up and he’s done

well for himself through hard graft and

he he said to me I will I won’t go back

to London even if someone pays me you

know you

not because he doesn’t like London

didn’t love it you just just just found

a different vibe somewhere else simple

as that and I think for me it’s the same

find different vibe I still go to London

often I’m going for five days literally

in the next day date in half I’m going

there for five days you’re going in out

of business and meet people and you know

so yeah it’s a it’s I love it a little

bit but to live there it’s a different

world he’s in it

different world I lived there bought a

house on the outskirts of it was a was

well II did the Olympics actually now

really wish I didn’t sell it I ended up

selling it because I got squatter’s you

believe that I so that’s my first true

investment and actually that property

now is worth about seven hundred

thousand I bought it about 115 I think

it was i sold actually actually i only

had it for a year and I sold it but I

made 40k profit in that point that’s lo

que ya I can’t complain and it was a but

still I can’t complain absolutely my

point of doing it in keeping up was I

always I always thought back there I

used to watch location occasionally all

those programs and I always wanted to

build my own house I just wanted might

get buy land above my house and you know

obviously working in London you know

you’ve got to be pretty sorted you know

sign up and bloody you know 23 years old

or whatever was coming about what and

you know the reality is that to buy land

in London

absolutely from some guy in Morphin you


and yeah just bought that property no

the plan was to keep it but

unfortunately got screwed over yeah yeah

and I was kind of like I just lost the

will to live my eyes I have to get rid

so yeah ventually got rid of them and

they trashed it as well because although

I Franky refurbished it and they trashed

it which was really nice of them

but hey and it’s one of those and it I’m

back in it now yeah back into property

well I wanted to do it quicker if I’m

being honest with you I bought my own

house back in Melbourne after I sold my

my house there

bought my own house back in well when

that was brick building you know

something come up whilst we’re coming

out of the recession a boy at the

recession period which was the worst

thing can do I look because I’m so

paranoid I was stuck on a high

fixed-rate back of n so back then when

rates were going down to ridiculous

amounts I was on a 6% or something crazy

and it was but it was high right at the

wrong time but there was there’s off at

this something there’s nothing better

than having a peaceful kind of like you

know as long as you can work bloody hard

did all the hours of possibly do to

cover it and literally you like working

and everything was going straight into

that pretty much but I truly believe you

know if you can get through the hard

times that you know the green the greens

growing you know absolutely is not

growing yeah so no it was a it was worth

it it was worth it and there’s my my

first house and I say proper house 5

bedroomed detached properties in it yeah

lots of people of them you know done

things with you know the great things

but at the time that was the right thing

absolutely how so some wonderful thing

isn’t it yeah absolutely

so that’s took you back into property I

used still actively a property investor

knows that where you kind of call

yourself or ya know it’s a bit weird

because I mean I think digress in that

last question I’m I got back into

property after my son was made severely

disabled basically we basically had my

beautiful son born

Vasili born completely healthy came home

with him completely normal and then a

mistake by the Midwife

not following certain procedure

basically ended up with a catalogue of

mistakes not just the Midwife we forgave

them publicly in the newspapers which is

pretty damn hard to do because you know

there was blatant mistakes I mean when

you go to the report that they did it

was like there was several mistakes and

it basically you know from having a

beautiful child born healthy coming home

you know healthy we’ve got a child now

that’s severely disabled trapped in his

hot and wheelchair pretty much trapped

in his body and declared blind deaf with

spastic cerebral Z so I mean he’s real

control is his taste

you know and that was hard we were told

he was blind to completely weave and

sort of like therapy and all sorts of

stuff we research in America and and you

know not too long ago we had some

reports saying that he’s they put some

probes on his head and the reckon he

could see now and that really just about

that he was completely deaf but we

painful taking a decision while they’re

young to put them through horrible

operations but but we put him through an

operation that has given him like the

robotic sound if you know I mean so ok

he’s got something called Cochlear’s

where they kind of drill into the head

they put a magnet processor goes on that

and then they put some probes or

whatever goes straight down into the

cochlea and now that goes back to a

processor and so he can hear like and

the best way I describe it to people is

why we’ve been described we’ve been told

it is Americans used to talk yeah that’s

how he can hear pretty much so he’ll

pick some things up certain spectrum

some sounds he might not be able to pick

up but um generally you know but he

reacts to me he knows me his mom he

knows that’s the love it definitely

responses without that just give me an

example but the amount of light therapy

they put on him is basically that you

put it had he his blood was poisoned

pretty much had to do platoons but they

the way they can sort of negate that

that the increase of bilirubin which

helped cause brain damage was put him

under the lights and they did that for a

lot of premature children actually but

but they put him under the lights and he

was that much under the lights that he

actually looked like a black child and

he was you know you know at work with

olivey skin but generally kind of white

you know but he look like a black child

and you know I will never forget and

I’ve got him on my phone I mean

literally I’ve just got him on my phone

and it’s a reason to have a picture of

him on my phone like this the reason why

people think it’s probably weird why do

I have him as a screen saver as my child

with all these tubes in him you know up

his nose on his arms everywhere probes

everywhere and looking it’s like

completely you know

okay but the reality is I’m really proud

of him that’s why that’s his that’s his

defining moment you know they survived

that and no matter how much crap has

happened since in the last almost seven

years literally I look at that photo and

when I’m feeling it and I’ve had a lot

of crap come on trust me within a lot of

locals when I’m really feeling that

thinking how dare I even complain you

know I complain this kid has gone

through everything you know and he

steals your perception and kills

everything that is your lifee absolutely

yeah yeah I’m even using that now on my

diet I’m on I want to call it a

lifestyle change a lifestyle yeah I love

that change but I’ve lost like almost I

was it I was 17 pound 17 stone – alright

and I put on weight free depression 17

pounds – – and with just over three

weeks on and I’m I’m 1510 now so baby

it’s a big drop for a short period time

and that’s because of him you know

because I just think I thought screw

this I can’t I can’t keep killing myself

absolutely but it’s a property yeah I’d

say I’d say that was my defining moment

I needed to do something to help my son

and to have my family well we’re in

hospital whilst all that stuff was going

on with transit bills coming in needed

to pay and what people don’t show you is

you know obviously you don’t have the

support you know the supports maybe late

Iran after a while a little bit of

support here in there so it’s charitable

support you know if you get a case

through negligence then you get support

later on down the line

but even then you’ve got support where

people assume or you know you thought

you got proper support your support so

it’s actually like that last night you

know I had about four hours sleep which

is standard now most people don’t get

that they think that’s weird but that’s

standard for us and like we’ve got with

three carry Shaw so you know my wife and

I cover in that you know

I got full-time care 24/7 well he’s

supposed to Apple we’ve never had

full-time 24 not for seven years it’s

just impossible it’s just we struggle to

get people you know what you get it it’s

like it’s like yeah unfortunately our

home has become a business in terms of

like it’s a care home you know but you

know what in the last year he’s been

really stable so you know it’s taking a

lot more there’s less hospital visits

and stuff like that so you know he’s

been really really stable and you know

he sees making massive massive strides I

mean he was declared blind he was

declared death

we know he can see now he’s using on I

guess how much he can see we don’t know

I truly believe it’s with the therapy we

did with that research we did with

Christine Ramon which basically involved

putting a torch in the eyes and

switching on and off watch the people

open and grow he’d never met a flinch to

talk through the light and he could

flinch and then so at night me and my

wife throughout the night with taking

turns and just through four hours

you know switched it has to be tungsten

not a blue like they can screw through

the eyes er it has to be like those

old-fashioned boulders you know yellow

ones and yeah and you just watch his

body so he’s like my sergeant is I I

recite which open and grow grew and

closing and and yeah off and then

eventually after months of doing that

once I think is my wife in the in the

bathroom she was he wasn’t sleep and

seals up with him and she was just doing

it bless her persevering on and she’s

just called me and I’m not military went

in there and the lights were all off I

put the lights on and I put the lights

on because you had a torch and he

changed the hell Wow

and she goes let’s see he did it to you

as well I’m like wow that’s crazy

so ya know it’s mine it’s mine so is

that and then again he was fed through

the tube and we retrained him through a

like a milk bottle he couldn’t move his

mouth off he couldn’t in his brain

damage basically he’s brain damaged but

and we used to squeeze the teat you know

and then move his bottom of his chin

with our finger just dissolved so get

him into a sort of like you know any now

he takes it takes food from the weekend

from Holly is it

it’s it’s been hard it’s been hard man

but you know perseverance what can I say

and that’s what it is and I think it’s

difficult because obviously I can’t

relate to anything that you’ve gone

through in that situation but using that

as an example so my foster siblings

say pastor Simmons there were initially

foster siblings we went through special

guardianship so three of my siblings

have had similar what’s gonna call it

disabilities growing up as well so for

instance the older one he’s got a mental

age which is less than half his age

we’ve got one who’s on the autistic

spectrum yeah and when they came into my

life a little bit which is why I

resonate with your story a bit is it

change my whole perception of life and

everything that I used to mourn about

the silliest things now I’m grateful for

and I know you know we all sending out

quotes every single day and we’re all

trying this positive beacon of light but

I genuinely had them within my followers

as well similar to yourself and it’s

near when I’m there feeling crappy or

feeling sorry for myself because I don’t

know the car tires flat or something

something daft perspective but these

kids are finding them much harder battle

them then I’m having to fight and yes

it’s commendable because I don’t want to

make this about property because anyone

that wants to know my calling properties

new fantastic and you’ve got podcasts

out for that and you can reach out to

him afterwards but this is more about

you as a person who’s taken this use you

change the perception you’ve dealt with

the cars that you are handed it’s not

fair I can’t explain only thing anyone

can explain why weird out certain cards

but all we can do is play with them the

best way that you can a new kind of I

know you very quickly scaled up after

that and maybe that’s because your back

was against the wall I suppose and yeah

you spy on me I mean there’s a my

favorite quote and I promote it in one

of my groups could effusive entrepreneur

it’s called it’s from Jack London and

it’s a it’s basically about you know

playing a bad hand well basically yeah

and there’s an ace of cards you know ace

of hearts on the card you can you can

always play a bad hand well and so

basically don’t even if you you can do

feels like on them on the outside of it

you might feel like you’re losing it’s

how you play or how you react to that

that counts so example is in property

is I mean add a commercial to

residential big one

I’m Birmingham it’s 15 rooms in the end

and it was my my first commercial and my

second project in property and I pretty

much jumped the gun a bit but we have

everything complying at us literally and

it was really stressful and at the same

time as going through moments or like

I’ve been for my own health care

problems I was going through cancer

scare myself and there’s a lot going on

obviously my son and you know dealing

with deal certain builders oh my god

nightmare and getting things wrong and

it was just you know massive learning we

had contamination issues we had we had

all sorts of problems just cracking on

but you know again look at my my son on

my photo on my on my phone and I talk

about my son but I actually used my son

as a metaphor for my family yeah because

my kids that my children Ellie Maria two

girls they’re just as amazing Maria for

instance she’s actually disabled as well

but people don’t know it and she’s got

some good Zubaz syndrome where middle

part of her head the brains not fully

formed and really rare and it can happen

by being sheared and my bum or I’ve been

shitty stressed at birth and it can be

it can happen from genes and all

something that it’s not our genes

because we checked them and you know it

basically she’s got autistic issues she

could go blind that she grows older

because the protein doesn’t protect her

eyes and all this kind of stuff but she

could have been worse I mean apparently

they’re not supposed to have balance and

can’t walk but she she fires us all I

mean she was she was born and had was

shaken her lace and Eliza liked she had

nystagmus and head wouldn’t stop shaking

so she’s trained a brain to you know to

planets her eyes and and she’s learned

you know to keep straight and she she’s

talking to normal school she’s doing

everything she’s you know she’s only

four or five now and she’s doing really

really well and I she’s got little

tantrum tantrums but not doesn’t quite

understand certain stuff but I mean I’d

say but now she’s still more behaved

some children I know that haven’t got

nearly so I class

I think I don’t sort of put out there

just because she’s not disabled really

you know he is on paper but she’s not so

for me you know it’s almost like my son

was brought there to sort of like help

us deal with the shit that’s to come if

that makes sense my thought was like

that and we didn’t have no problems

before and all the stuff for the

property stuff I don’t I think what

would have hit was hard but going

through sheer hell you know when my son

really sort of prepared us a lot for a

lot of stuff oh it came I understand

that but I think sometimes it’s funny

because I don’t wish anyone to really go

through pain it’s not yeah yeah but that

makes me feel sad when I know people are

going through pain but sometimes I feel

people need to experience some level of

adversity you know not to really find

focus and change their life as well and

as much as I’m trying to tell people

don’t wait for that wake-up call for

example don’t wait for to find out that

your child may need extra care for

example or you’ve been hit with the

illness get out there and do it now and

I suppose it’s easier said than done

because if nobody’s having to live the

life Safe Routes that you’ve lived for

example yeah well like my siblings they

don’t really have that agency my it’s

frustrating I get frustrated because I’m

like we are so blessed like beyond means

even what we’re doing now being able to

communicate how we eyes Isis anything

yeah absolutely I mean there’s so much

horrible stuff out there in the world

and it’s just you know it’s crazy to you

know to to not be grateful for what

we’ve got and and and you know when you

see people that are grateful when

they’ve got little and we’ve all been

there we’ve all been them in some way in

our minds we’ve been at the greatest of

lows and it could be from spitting out

with your boyfriend or girlfriend

it could be splitting up with you know

you know a JV partner I don’t know the

point a point is you know at that point

it could be serious the most absolute

low you know you could have health

issues cancer issues family there’s all

sorts we’ve had that as well in this

period and that n is it’s not great it’s

not great but at the same time you know

I’ve always said one of my sayings is

like you know we will never you know

we’ll never

I don’t get my words up today well we’re

never given a Golden Path

it was never we never no one promised us

anything you know and so and so like if

you want something you’ve got to go and

get it you either fail or you success

fall you know and if you’re successful

great if you fail get up and do it again

and keep trying that and even if you’ve

got no money or anything there’s always

away you know and you know what worst

comes to the worst I’m dying from

something it’s if you’ve got your mind

in the right mind and you think you know

what I was conceived that’s amazing I

lived a few years that’s amazing if you

get your mind in the right mind you

still be grateful even when you’re dying

you know I mean and we’ve seen other

witness people like that you know yeah I

love that mindset you just touched on

something and make sure we add it at the

end of the show you’ve got a group you

just say yeah I’ve got I’ve got a group

it’s called the effusive entrepreneur

okay so anything about stuff like these

entrepreneurs is in the name but about

your mindset as well well it’s actually

I do marketing I do it mine only a

marketing training and that’s like a

little group I actually put more effort

in my closed group which is people in my

arm in a number the thing for me is like

I literally had a VA that was helping me

out on that side of things

and she literally went AWOL live just

randomly went AWOL and I don’t know what

happened I really don’t know but she’s

from Philippines

it just went AWOL so yeah looking at a

decent VA at the moment I think I found


we’ll see how it goes but yeah now I

need to push push put more engagement in

that group from being honest with you

okay yeah I know it’s a great group I’ve

got loads of people about I think about

300 people in the group yeah I do

engagement but not as much as I like

I’ve got a couple of other groups have

got one called it’s magnetic marketing

system is another group it’s just

basically a really secret one group

where it’s just the people that I train

arm property marketing getting leads

about business and all that kind of

stuff an investment it’s a small very

small group at the moment I’ve got a few

people that you guys know some really

great people successful people right in

there and yeah

so that’s going really well gonna be

open that up again soon um yeah just

I’ve got my event in London that’s

causing a lot of bloody Wow yeah my son

right that’s marketing again it’s going

to be we’ve got we’ve got a Khadija the

apprentice star she’s gonna be there

we’ve got a YouTube expert you know he’s

helped Samuel Leeds get from 50,000 to

150,000 something a lot you know he’s

talking it’s all about marketing it’s

gonna be it’s gonna be awesome and can

fit about 480 people at the Marriott

Hotel in London it’s my event big

pressure on me it’s only 16th and 17th

of March this year prices start at 97

pounds but you get actually what we’re

doing now we get got this program

actually that I’m affiliated to and

we’re going to be offering people free

access to this program which is you know

pretty amazing yeah any other ticket

prices which basically covers their

costs on the bottom ticket easily and

basically they could create landing

pages you know can forgive the email

system within it so if you want to build

your own website that’s the and

templates in there so they get that for


I haven’t launched it yet but you’ve

heard it here first on our I’m just

gonna say you were saying your nervously

I’m sure you don’t need any more

motivation than just to look at your

phone before that exactly exactly that

may be right yeah okay absolutely that I

see it I mean I guess that the

nervousness is the fact that you know

it’s a it’s a big thing you’d love to

fill it out you know you care about it

care about I’ve got 15 speakers and many

come from abroad there’s people like you

know top and marketers making 40 50

grand a month you know it’s crazy but a

figure of guy there

their partnership guys and and and you

know it’s yeah it’s it’s this pressure

you know but it’s great it’s great now

I’m like you know I’m one of these like

you know it’s easy for me to go easy

coming to go you know what you’ve got to

try these things what does Rob Moore say

don’t the risk you know basically

absolutely yeah yeah I’m sure

well yeah I’m so it’s all quite a few

tickets not enough but we’ve only just

launched so you know it’s a it’s

something we pushing out there look

forward to it make sure you media

information is

after this and I’ll send you a signature

notes it’s automated I said it put a lot

of people it’s good for you know coaches

anyone wanting to launch an event anyone

that’s in marketing wants to do a bit

more marketing on their property and get

some really great bubbly gonna get some

tools for it

fantastic okay brilliant so you actually

doing like more stuff than I knew about

you I know I know of course he’s a

full-time dad and I thought that would

be taking up all your time but here you

are making your own events and

everything so another question then so

you’re successful in what you’ve done in

terms of the property you’re doing a

great job with your children and your

family so what’s the day like from the

moment you wake up tell you got like 17

or yeah I bet I am

I wake up about four or five in the

morning right sometimes going to bed

late unfortunately but it’s not my

choice no that’s not by choice that’s

actually by habit now that’s initially

it wasn’t by choice now if I’m being

honest with you the reality is I could

sleep a little bit longer but I’ve just

it’s just become me now if I can get

sleep and I accidently sleep through

that because all exhausted or whatever

and and actually doing this diet it’s

really helping me so if my son doesn’t

disturb me and doesn’t wake up and that

you know I could easily go into 7:00

you know easy yeah well it’s it’s just

um it’s just nice you know I actually

get a good rest when I go to like events

you know you know so but my schedule is

basically get about four or five I I

always turn ask me why it’s really

strange but I always always come

downstairs I eat a banana

randal cake I’m not banana man

my first thing I do a banana I go to my

son I give him a really big kiss because

he’s exhaust get ready has his dinner

and he’s get ready for his he’s like

specialist school a given big kiss the

girls are still in bed and my son’s lot

obviously awake and then I start looking

at my schedule for the day I never

follow it just to me

okay he’s organized work just look at it

yes I’m aware of it because what happens

when I start creating a website or

landing page for someone

or final for someone to help convert you

know get people to event or through

Facebook ads or whatever I’m doing for

people I end up like getting engrossed

in the computer and some way it’s gonna

be supposed to be an hour it ends up

being longer so so setting time because

for me doesn’t and and what I do is I

just make sure I do the stuff and and I

make sure I do it at whatever cost and

so I do I literally do that and I try

and mix it with the children like I have

the computer here in the living room mo

more often on by my bed upstairs on my

bed believe in our it’s not the best

comfortable thing to do here because of

the reception’s better there you know a

billion you get piece if the kids are

kind of well-behaved watching TV I like

to kind of come here in that but if it’s

too noisy I just can’t I just can’t over

this I’ve got like a an outbuilding as

well that I converted for a training

suite and I’ve got an office there that

needs a little bit more finishing off

but it’s pretty much burn so I’m gonna

start and can start utilizing that more

just gets a bit cold I’ve got the heat

is on there in that but it’s like you go

warm it up for like an hour or so before

and today I can’t be asked you know just

a lot stay upstairs on my bed and just

do my work you know not a great thing to

do but now I’ve got a proper PT involved

with my exercise we’re gonna make it

that part of my schedule something to do

this year try and get you know not just

use the lose the the fat actually gets

physically more stronger and you know

getting care scheduling for that at

least I think for me there’s anything on

schedule that I want to do I’m pushing

my marketing efforts because a lot

people while so I’ve been my property

journey you know I’ve had a few podcasts

and interviews and so on I’ve not really

promote it’ll push what I what I trained

in you know design and marketing and and

I’ve had a few people approached me over

the years from property world and it’s

like I’ve helped them massively I’ve

helped people like were there you know

they might have a 399 ebook and I make

them 15k within a couple of months in

just Facebook ads but

by promoting a book you know and it’s

it’s I know I’m good at what I do but I


and III this is my biggest flaw I don’t

like selling I don’t like selling and

I’m one of rob mores mentors and I’ve

signed up to his thing cuz I got really

good at helping people value their

selves helping them realize their worth

and he said something recently he said

he said something about when people say

oh I don’t need to sell myself I don’t

need yeah I don’t need to sell myself

people come to me that’s me that’s me

man I hate to admit it it’s like I get I

get work it just comes to me right but

actually imagine what I’d do if I should

start promoting myself you know leave it

so much on the table yeah I’m leaving so

much on the table almost I almost don’t

give a crap because I’m designing my own

life you know I mean yeah at the same

time if I really want to get to my goal

my goal is actually to eventually be

able to afford to buy an Ironman suit

for my son some sort of give him the

independence thought we know that’s

gonna cost millions and if I want to get

to that goal at that you know at that

point then I’m gonna have to do better

than this sort of like you know just you

know happy happy that enough works

coming my way and people using me that

way I think I should be you know

professionalizing myself a little bit

more and and valuing myself more to the

point that I should promote myself it’s

just that there’s a nervousness of

promoting yourself I mean I think you’ve

probably seen it amongst the the the

forums and that people kind of think

your guru rising yourself or you know

like oh god who’s another person

thinking a minute I had a business

before hello you know these people

business before and what you do in

business is you promote a market that’s

what you’re supposed to do you know

they’re almost I allow myself to be

affected by other people’s judgments

which you can’t do even myself I mean I

promote myself a lot more recently

especially in the last 12 months in

terms of like my own brand and me as a

person that initially was the hardest

thing I’ve ever had to do and the whole

point of like you need to know your

Worth and stuff

we were spoken to me I thinking one of

my first jobs when I was young as a

project manager and my manager at the

time because I came out of me

you know when they ask you what’s

special about you give three things as

an icebreaker I was like nothing I’m

just I’m just me yeah he told me

afterwards because he he listed like a

few things that he found special about

me and long story short he was that if

you don’t blow your own trumpet nobody

else is gonna in this world because of

the way the moment is and I don’t know

you always resonated with me and it

still took me the best part of seven

eight years later on to real stuff I’m

thinking if I can just do this and not

really worry about the engagement and

kind of just be like look I’ve got a

message here I want to share it it comes

from the heart it’s honest if you

resonate with it fantastic if you don’t

not a problem so it was difficult for us

because they used to send it off and

you’re kind of looking at your phone

thinking what’s gonna happen and now

it’s kind of like I just Lars a and

people ask me that how did you write

content and I say I don’t like really

write contact a kind of document like my

life kind of things like you’ve done

something a property I’ll speak about it

if it’s health and fitness I’ll speak

about it if it’s like an interesting

meeting I’ll just speak about it and

hopefully I always try and give people

some sort of tangible yeah information

that they can take away I think you

should be that because I didn’t know you

were doing all these amazing crazy

wonderful things yeah a bit here in

there I do you know I mean I’ll get my

flap out on flipping social media just

to really put myself available to the

world you know that I’m gonna lose

weight and I say I wrote i put a vision

I put watch this miraculous journey of

this of me this is anyway and I’ve done

it in three weeks already there’s no

ultimate accountability

you know ridicules you that you’re gonna

be it’s embarrassing

a whole lot the source stuff but at the

same time you know for the first time in

my life we have tried different diets

since what happened to my son I put a

lot of weight on the first time in my

life I’m facing it head-on so yeah oh

you and look at my fat mass yeah I’m


absolutely even my addictions and I call

them addictions because that’s all I’ve

ever eat and then it’s like I literally

get urges for this stuff isn’t my port

my secrets of this diet is I’m facing it

and I call it the no BS lifestyle diet

okay basically I put Pringles fizzy

drinks and I’ve got a packet of Haribo

outside of my bed

oh no Quinn okay right and I sleep with

them by the side of my bed and I wake

that with the word we

because I had to face my addictions yeah

yeah and it’s a bit like that in

property when people would like go to

training training training training

training training training training

training training the good mentors were

saying you got to do you’ve got to just

you know and and I you know I’m a course

drinking I’m proud of it I’m proud of it

I’m a course drunk eating for two main

reasons number one it’s always good even

if you already know the stuff to go over

again it’s good to get reminders right

but number two and this is the biggest


mentors need Mentors even if you’re

whatever level you are and all my

mentors have got mentors themselves you

know I mean Nick James is mentorship

I’ve been under song azuki’s mentorship

I mean Rob Moore’s mentorship you know

the reality is and I I mentor other

people myself yeah and I truly believe

that you you’ve got to really be what’s

the word humble enough to want to keep

learning absolutely and there’s a lot of

people that are arrogant and feel like

the only courses well good for you happy

you do not everyone wants to work that

way I actually love people right I love

networking I love people but I love

genuine people that I’ve got integrity

they’re true to them certainly I really

can’t stand people that fake I hate it

and I can sense them a mile away and and

I always when I talk about marketing’s

be true to yourself just be yourself and

people attract to you and a good friend

of ours Camilla does the sa stuff I

would say so name

can we look oh yeah she’s exactly great

and I mentor mentoring in marketing as

well but it’s usually just started to be

fair and and you know she’s a really

great she’s doing massive should be

really successful and she’s doing it by

just being herself she’s been brilliant

you know and you know we all learn off

each other I’ve learned a lot of Simon’s

uchi I’ve learned a lot of Rob more I’ve

learned a lot of Nick James you know

I’ve got another mentor that is you know

definitely need him because he’s like

he’s like a sales machine he really

knows he’s you know he’s good he’s got a

product called open with a closing

doesn’t do its Leslie it’s just like you

know you want my product is I’m worth

this much and you know so this is what

it is and he’s named my Elwell really

great guy amazing guy getting hired by

some really top guys at the moment

because he’s easy really is you know

legend or what he does and so yeah I

want to constantly improve I want to be

I want to be my ultimate self before I

die and I know more than a lot of people

know life it’s bloody short man

it really is severely because of your

experiences yeah absolutely yeah

yeah I think you touch on quite a few

things with your whole I’m looking

forward to it but I actually lose 42

pounds in seven and a half weeks myself

so what I want to do boxing never go to

the gym and I was a think was about 24

at the time and there was like seven

year-olds two ten-year-olds very cheeky

little kids and I’d to go for a room

with him so I told the kids because then

I was all the way and I could I couldn’t

run more than like 200 meters and all I

could hear him was saying come on old

man come on Batman and all these kind of

like really literally me facing it but I

took I took it personally I was like

I’ll get you back and then with a love

working working my ass off basically for

the next two months it really really

helped and there is no magic formula to

anything whether it’s property whether

it’s health and fitness whatever it is

literally you just got to go and do it

and then if you you learn a little bit

you pivot I hope that’s called it on my

uncle my own podcast called Mike drops

get okay I guess my drop is call mine

yet close and I’ve interviewed a couple

of a top level you know we’re talking

really high level guys in America my

calls another guy called les Evans and

11 there’s Evan said a thing to me he

said he said um he said people think

there’s an easy route to success but

it’s all hard work even when it doesn’t

look that way and he said even if you’re

people just speak in the thing they’re

just speaking they’re successful from

speaking and

and he’s brilliant at that is amazing

amazing me he’s gonna you know he’s he’s

advised people in the White House he’s

done all sorts he’s just bum a lot the

guys absolutely legend and he’s had

become a really good friend of mine and

and he was saying to me you know I

remember it was on the lines of like I

remember when you said pedal stall

people like that look big and famous and

he became himself but in the end they’re

just flipping normal people and what

people don’t understand is that you know

they want to laugh you know they want to

get on you know they don’t to be used

and and and there’s a lot of truth in

that and there and there’s a lot of

people do assume they also die they

connected that way back I used to give

him a lot of my time for free and in the

end I ended up blocking him and this is

where you learn about time for money and

it wasn’t yeah it was like you every

every conversation about a heart I’ve

tough your love to have your lives love

to out Matt me yeah I’d live in a

flipping shed and have my son healthy

you won’t want my life trust me it’s not

great but you know it’s not as great as

you think it is you know and and it was

just constant constant constant constant

like you know like MV and it wasn’t the

nice he wasn’t moving forward is that I

want to get 200 houses within two years

and he was like really unrealistic yeah

all right 10x it I you know go for it

you know I hate that comment that word

clinics it got you know I love what

Grant Cardone is about I just hate the

10x it that side of it not because I

don’t believe in it I believe in it

it’s just that I see if thrown around

too freely now and and like by people

that could potentially really screw

their lives over if they do try to 10x

it you know and where they feel that you

know they’ve been inspired and they can

just rush ahead you’ve got to get the

education in I don’t care what you know

you got to build the foundations he’s

got to build the foundations and and

then and then to exit first you know and

then check out what you know check out a

flavor for it and then check out what X

might be you know I don’t like the 2x

you know I’m not doing us a great point

I think we’re in the

society obviously with the whole

Instagram highlight reels and nobody’s

really posting stuff that is like their

bad days of supposed and I supposed

indirectly I don’t know how but when I

was getting a bit of traction in like

the property groups it was because I was

just Oakley admit all my mistakes up

something I was just documenting again

like listen I am probably the worst guy

a property talking three years ago I was

a look I made this mistake I’ve made

this and people resonated with that so

indirectly actually helped 9% of the

time it is lychee everyone showing their

best date on a highlight reel and I

think we get that thing and then people

read the secret and it’s all this

wishful thinking and it’s like listen it

is goes back to what you said earlier do

it do it you’ve just got to face it and

do it just exactly I mean madness you’re

spot on and the crazy thing is is that

I’ve been exactly the same I’ve done

podcasts and I’ve been honest just

straight on you know I’ll straight up

with out loud you didn’t want to hear it

we didn’t want to hear it I’m like you

know and and cut long story short the

the realities that they won’t value in

my time but I wasn’t violent valuing it

I can’t blame them it’s actually

something that I get a trouble from from

my wife so I’m always trying to help as

many people as I can so I’m always

having these one-hour coffees that going

to like one and a half hours or

conversation 15 minutes or less yeah and

then at the end of its like I’ve got no

time to spend with my wife for example

yeah because I’m just trying to help but

then most of those people they’ll come

back with pretty much the same kind of

questions or concerns two months later

having done nothing

you’re almost yourself and I think I’m

similar to you in that respect which is

there’s some great points that you made

days that I need to start my new my time

a little bit there yeah not so much I

know I need to charge for example it’s

on the faith basis that is this person

really going to do it and what I’ve

started doing as of the last two days is

taking calls on the way to the gym so

I’m like you’ve got ten minutes with me

far away I’ll kind of give you

everything I’ve got I know it’s working

okay because it kills that time to the

gym so yeah absolutely yeah it’s not

eating a weigh-in time that you which is

valuable time is valuable time time I’ve

said entire book emergency we have you

know in the lane if if if people don’t

value your time

mmm bug you you spell as I and why work

with people that don’t value you they’re

just picking and sponging your brain

because they can’t be asked again spend

the money on the courses and the

education and or go through the grit in

the action that you’ve gone through in

the pain that you’ve gone through they

just want to just you know squeeze your

sponge brain and get all the bloody Evo

out you know those people it doesn’t

make us a you know this is not a you

know I’m holy than now I’m perfect I I

know my share you know this has just

just been honest with the situation you

know so I absolutely love helping people

I really do it’s just some people just

don’t value your time enough so okay

we’re gonna change gears a little bit

we’ve spoken about adversity which is

one of the main drivers like in your

life and I don’t wish it on anyone to go

through the same kind of stuff but we

all go through something what I would

ask you though is a different question

is about fear so it’s probably a common

question but I want to know what is your

biggest fear but I want to stop and take

away what I think he’s gonna be your

first answer from doing some Daryl Brown

tactics here so you can’t mention your

your children or your wife in this

scenario but what is your biggest fear

as as yourself my biggest fear for

myself is not accomplishing my dreams

okay and my dreams are actually yes they

are to be able to get enough money to

afford certain things from my family and

I’m not supposed to mention them but my

actual my dreams are to actually be

successful and proud enough to know that

you know that boy in school that was at

loss was crap had to have extra

education was themed

you know classes dyslexic really smashed

it regardless he’s not I mean and and so

you know for me to start that would

really be probably my biggest fear stop

him from for me I really I really want

to get aspire to inspire is what I want

to do right and the way you inspire is

by doing great things and and those

great things could be I give a lot to

charity myself I donated just over four


pounds Christmas do recently you know

and and before that I’ve donated loads

and even my book my little spot and that

I’ve written for my son all the all the

money from that including the cost of

making it which most people don’t do

they has gone to different charities you

know everything wasn’t a lot you know

because these costs of these profits

carry yeah yeah and even before that

even you know I’ve just constantly you

know every year given in some form to

charity and the point is this like it’s

not because I’m you know I want to be

seen as you know are what passive and uh

and people that know with me will know

this is true so I could be a property

meet in and we’re walking up the road

for me laughter and I’ll just give

twenty pounds of baby homeless man I

don’t record it I don’t you know but

people that would mean no it yeah I

don’t do it for you know I know in

London wherever I am if I see someone

I’ll donate and you know and I don’t

care if they’re they look like they’re

druggies well it’s not at the end of the

day I because I’m not gonna judge you

know they can do what the hell they want

with it

you know I want to give if I’ve got it

you know and if it helps them it helps

them I just get I don’t need to promote

it or anything that but the reality is

although ironically there’s a promote in

this podcast estrangement but honest is

like where we’re and it’s just merely

answering your question you know my goal

is to aspire to inspire to inspire and

if I can do that for my kids and other

people and great you know and and if it

means like you know giving when you

haven’t even got it and I’ve done that

and and you know it’s like then you know

you do you leaving some sort of trail of

legacy wait wait people might not

remember me you know but you know

someone might you know yeah I don’t know

but at the end of the day it’s strange I

haven’t made haven’t made it in in my

mind a successful property developer or

marketing agency in my mind I’ve got a

long way to go but I’ll also at the same

time I don’t want to have a lot you know

I want to be comfortable I don’t want to

have like the two hundred thousand

living rooms and what

acquiring to do well you know I really

don’t I don’t envy people like that when

I see people doing well I’m like good on

you I’m yeah I really I never had the

jealous I never I just truly think good

on you the ones I don’t like are the

ones that do it and they’re they’re

horrible assholes you know I mean these

people win don’t they yeah yeah okay

fantastic no I know that that makes

sense I think I’m very similar as well

in relation to what you saying there and

just on that analogy song I’ve had going

off on a bit of a tangent here people

who are quite charitable but they’ll

never give to somebody who maybe they

assume is gonna have alcohol and drugs

or something and my philosophy has

always been I mean growing up and the

way my mom’s always talking is just give

whatever you can give but and the base

is that maybe maybe your donation that

they will just change that person’s

perspective or life and providing you’re

not just throwing it at home and maybe

you can just give it a try contact will

have a good day or something so I just

give him that lift that they need all

just to keep him going for another day

so I’d always urge people whatever you

can give this absolutely give but yeah I

can’t imagine you being somebody’s gonna

be taking a selfie while you’re doing

that I mean and the truth is I should be

you know utilizing it for you know but

at the same time it’s it’s not it

doesn’t sit right

you know it doesn’t sit right so you’ve

heard the buzzer it’s going off so what

I’m gonna do now is but Mike with three

spaces for the next 60 seconds and he’s

all I do basically whatever the first

answer comes into your head please give

me that one and you ready mate I’m cool

I’m ready okay we’re gonna start in

three two one

okay the ability to fly or be invisible

fly money or fame fame singing or

dancing singing Netflix our YouTube

YouTube Marvel or DC are Marvel easily

would you rather know how you were dying

or when you would i how love or money

love books or movies i love books

actually if you could sit with one

person in the world for an hour who

would it be I would love to sit with

Donald Trump to figure out why the hell

looking weird and

go ahead going on I just I’m just

perplexed and also kind of yeah it’s a

weird one

that we interested yeah you’re worse be

a growing up fighters actually okay and

finally what is your biggest addiction

my biggest might what was my biggest

addiction was slight wrinkles and yeah

wrinkles my biggest addiction at the

moment is learning junkie for learning

and just some Pringles because I’m a

Pringles fun as well what’s your

favorite cocktail sorry I don’t get me

thinking the next one’s on reflection

yeah we’ve spoken about this earlier

we’ve spoken about hindsight being a

wonderful thing how you can teach you to

get to where you are quicker easier or

with less heartache for example but

knowing what you know now and with your

life experiences and obviously your

mindset now if you could go back to a

time maybe when you were younger maybe

going through college or school and you

can just whisper something in your ear

knowing how life would pan out for you

and just to kind of maybe motivate or

inspire that young Michael what would

you say I would say you’re able to do

anything you put your mind to because I

really believe growing up because I was

told it you know my teacher I didn’t

have a good attention span and my

teacher must teacher said to me oh

you’re gonna end up as a glassblower she

was old fashioned herself and most

people didn’t really kind of connect

with her if I’m being honest with you

but that really thought I thought what

the hell you know kind of thing to say

that just because I you know and I

wasn’t interested in her lessons I just

would and again it goes down to what we

read in property marketing people could

be connected you know whatever you do in

it’s about attention and connection

right you’ve got to get the attention to

be noticed and you’ve got to connect so

if you’re going to get an investor to

come to you you’ve got to get the

attention you’ve got to do that one way

or another and then you’ve got to

connect and you can only connect by

being you because long term wise you

know it’s a marriage you know it’s

simply that absolutely and it’s the

easiest thing to do be yourself rather

than trying be someone else off man do

not have some music but I see people my

god and I just cringe and I know that it

makes me cringe

I see people they’ve been I

I won’t even touch into it too much but

there’s people that mean there’s a

particular person that’s training the

same people when they’re like they’re

following the same moves and everything

in their acting the same as this person

exactly in every way and it’s a it’s

squiggly it’s creepy and windy it is and

the problem with it is as well if you’re

copying somebody else you’re almost

relying on them to do something you know

the few to follow see as a policy if you

just make your own journey and write

your own story I’ve got one thing where

I’ve got respect for these people that’s

all for helping them is they’ve already

taken a step at least they’re getting

themselves out of the shell and they do

something but but seeing exact copies

it’s just yourself yourself it’s like

have you ever seen those live videos

when they’re sat there quietly for like

flipping five minutes I’m like I don’t

like it I just it’s just great I’m like

I just talk shit for a bit I say to

people okay just talk shit wait to

people come on


and that’s not always like to ask my

guess is if in 150 years time and you

are no longer here but all that exists

is a book and it’s about your life and

somebody’s walking past and they pick up

this book what would the blurb say and

also what would be the title of the book

well already written it it’s called my

little spot on the globe

it says embrace your struggle to find

your strength and pretty much what we

talked about today and and I it has a

sub heading saying unleash your lip in a

spa and because we’ve all gotten in this

part and and what I mean by that it’s

not a judgment thing on Spartans and

while it’s just the fact that you know

against the odds it’s a metaphor

it’s against the odds they know they’re

gonna die but they’re fighting all they

can yeah and that’s the point at the end

of the day we’re all gonna freakin die

but let’s just see what we can do you

know that’s all we can do but you know

you know the end of a that’s why I don’t

mind helping people as much as I can

because that you know any bit of help

you get out there is what

nice absolutely Granta our future looks

already out yes my little spy Amazon

yeah best seller international

bestseller there you go is it oh wow

yeah i 100% put that in the bottom of

and the show notes as well alright it’s

actually the first time somebody’s

already answered my question and done my

question but what I always like to ask

people is there is somewhere they can

contact you now I know you’re doing

amazing things all over the world in

networking marketing property you’re an

author as well there’s one place and I’m

just gonna limit it to one but I will

obviously add everything else afterwards

what is the number one place that you’d

prefer base for Facebook Facebook I’m 5m

I’m maxed out sorry guys so just listen

I’ve got another group page good Michael

V Calais Paris just a baby bear I’d be

there and start using it more now

because I’m that’s my that’s my own

that’s my professional page so just want

them on to Michael V or try and message

me on on on my one at least and I’m not

try and connect and brilliantly it’s

been a absolute pleasure like I said at

the beginning I reached out to you long

time we don’t know yeah I love your

story you know that this is fascinating

promise there’s live calls on them you

all get busy I haven’t managed to

reconnect there so and thank you for

your time today you’ve been doing

awesome things as well okay it’s good to

see and again like you know we reach out

to people that we connect with and like

and so on and you know obviously

responded back to you because I know

like and trust okay you know it works

the same way you know yeah that’s how I

see it and and that’s how that’s how

relationships grow that’s how investors

get involved that’s how all this stuff

happens you know it’s it’s all about

that you know so absolutely absolutely

spinning it’s been an absolute pleasure

and well as well thanks for listening

and remember this podcast is absolutely

free so all we ask in return is for you

to share this with a friend and drop us

a 5 star review over on iTunes have an

awesome day

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