Your Purpose matters

Your Purpose matters

So find it.

Chase it.

Develop it.

& do what you need to do, to live it!

About 5 years ago I gave up a very good corporate job as a Project Manager to follow my purpose of changing the world to become a Social Worker!

Determined to be the best Social worker in the world, sacrificing the perks of an easy, high paid job I took the plunge! Somewhere deep in my soul always knew I wanted to change the world, even as a kid. I always knew I was destined to have an impact on lives but I just didn't know how!

I realised within a few years as my time as a Project manager that earning money and living for the weekend wasn't what I wanted from my life.

I knew I needed something to wake me up, to drive me, excite me, challenge me, inspire me on a daily basis. I knew finances alone were of little importance.

I live a regular life and find my true happiness when I can fully deliver value to people and this is what I believed I was going to find in Social work.

Fast forward 2.5 years later and I have just completed my Social Work masters and got myself a great job in a fostering agency. This was always my goal. Having siblings from the foster care system, I wanted to make a real impact on children's lives and support their families too.

Sadly however my social work career was a short-lived experienced. I very swiftly realised that I would not be able to fulfil my purpose of inspiring and changing lives due to a high level of bureaucracy!

So, just how this article started, I plunged again!

Only this time into property!

This wasn't a random move though, as their was a method behind my madness, but i'll explain that some other day. For now I knew two things. Property can in the future provide me with time freedom and as a result of that I can use my energy 24/7 to make a positive difference in the world.

Now the property world was tough, and don't let any guru or so called expert tell you any different. But the sacrifice of working on something for a short term, to achieve a long term goal was worth every hour of blood sweat and tears!

I am have more luxury and time freedom to be able to do as I please. I have passion projects like Podcasts I have set up, I  donate time and money to charities, start  my own social enterprises, coach individuals and live the life I have always wanted to live. A life of purpose.

I leave this short blog with a message, that it's okay to change direction.

It's okay to stop!

In fact just Google: Sunk cost fallacy

It's NOT however okay to continue living this short life we have, not being true to yourself and your true desires.

Go out of this world knowing you had no regrets, for it is those that will haunt you on your death bed one day when that sad day arrives. A cliche statement but I take lessons from every day I’ve been blessed to live! I take lessons that from every time I change direction.

I realise only today that my future is being written day by day and my legacy will be one of someone who has lived, his best life, his way!

Have an awesome day and #JustDeuIt !

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