Your Weight should never define your happiness

Your Weight should never define your happiness

Now before you take this title the wrong way, I am not an advocate for people having larger waistlines than they naturally should have. I truly want people to be healthy and live as long as they possibly can and being unnecessarily overweight puts your body at risk of major illnesses so please take that point on board.

However, for the purpose of this post, I want to address another issue I believe we all need to be aware off and take time to reflect and understand.

This message is about the link between your happiness and the number on the weighing scale. On a macro level, your weight should not dictate your level of Happiness. I am talking about healthy individuals who fluctuate between 2-5lbs here and there but obsessively beat themselves up about the scales tipping side to side like see-saw.

You see jumping on a scale (not literally I hope) can see you sacrificing your health and causing more complications. With the 100s of clients I have coached, so often they have let the guilt of a few lbs cause them to:

1. Starve themselves for extensive periods of time.
2. Excessively working out, putting the mind and body under too much undue stress and not allowing correct recovery through nutrition, sleep and rest.
3. Beating themselves up mentality.

Now this has to stop!

You see all the above sets your body up for CHRONIC STRESS and will overtime cause the body to:

1. Down regulate and cause chronic cortisol levels!
2. Slowing down your metabolism!
3. Thyroid issues!

Remember health can be achieved at many weights.
We don’t need to exist at a particular weight to be happy. Your body will find its optimal weight (homeostasis) if you let it!

It makes me sad seeing people attaching their levels of happiness to a number on a scale.

You are more than that number!

“Find a way to be happy, or just be happy and find a way”
Have an awesome day and #JustDeuIt

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