You’re not living forever

You’re not living forever

time is ticking away aren deu just deu it find your voice eric thomas

You see, each day we are so presumptuous that we set an alarm clock to wake us up in the morning.
We set the expectation in our own mind that we will just wake up everyday.

But as we go through life we all realise how far from the truth this is.

Its guaranteed that 1 day we won't wake up. 1 day we will miss our alarm. 1 day our loved ones will miss theirs too.

It's with this thought I become more aware of how precious life is, as I’m sure many of you are…
BUT I’m also aware many of us forget it far too often!
We swiftly revert to old habits and get into a rut!
You see the key is to wake up everyday and feel like you made it!

Because you have!

You got another shot! A shot so many fell short of having last night.

Savour your time alive, make the most of your opportunities, chase your dreams with enthusiasm and lay your head down at night knowing that should that alarm sound we so often resent, not sound in the morning you gave your all to the world.

If you can't wake yourself up on a daily basis from passion, purpose, excitement, gratitude etc there’s a problem!

But it can be changed.

What are you waiting for to be excited?

Why doesn't the idea of time running out inspire you?

Would you be better served knowing exactly how long you had left to live?

Now I cant give you that answer, but I can tell you something. The time reading this alone its already decreased and will continue to get less and less..

Life is precious as many of us know, especially when tragedy hits.

Don’t wait for that to happen to realise it again!
Go out swinging the way YOU want to do it!

‪Have an awesome day and #JustDeuit !

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